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Estimate of a real estate property in Haute-Savoie

Do you wish to sell a real estate property in Haute-Savoie? In order to make sure you will sell your flat or house at its accurate price, the estimate is an essential step. DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER makes you benefit from its expertise to make an estimate of your property according to the latest market developments. We will do it for free, with no engagement from you, and within the best time limit possible. Our office is located in the very centre of Evian-les-Bains at 31 rue Nationale, and our team knows perfectly well the area, its market and its specificities.

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The criteria used to make an estimate in real estate

We know from experience at DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER that a property that is placed on the market at the right price will be sold within the first day and the third month of its commercialisation. A property that is overvalued will take much longer to be sold and will undergo disinterest from potential buyers. These latter will then make offers lower than the market prices, as they would have noticed that the property is still on the market. The delicate trick for an estimate is to be at the right price per square metre regarding both its value and the market. Many criteria do have an influence to define this right price. From one neighbourhood to another, within the same town, the variation of prices in real estate can be pretty important. The strong points and the weaknesses of your property must also be taken into account to determine the price at which it will be proposed.
Do note that a lake view, a view on the mountains, a nice exposure, a terrace, a garage, or a lift are as many criteria that will make the value of your property raise. If some or most go amiss the price will drop down inevitably.

 Why requesting a real estate office to make an estimate of a real estate property?

The real estate agent determines a middle way between the desires of the sellers, who most often tend to overvalue their property cause of its affective value, and the wish of buyers who want to find a flat or a house at the lowest price possible.
Once the estimate made and received, it will be up to you to choose whether you wish or not to use the services of an office to sell your property in en Haute-Savoie. Should you choose to be guided by the professionals we are, several types of mandates will be proposed to you. Entrusting your property to our office is the guarantee that we will use all the means at our disposal to sell it at the best price and in the best possible conditions and time. Our advisors are there to answer your questions and help you go through the achievement of your projects.

Is there a difference between an estimate and an expertise ?

A real estate property’s estimate, or valuation, consists in determining the right price in order to sell a property. An expertise is, as for itself, is something done to determine the market value of a property in the case of a succession for example, or to evaluate the rental value of a property.
Do you wish to have your property in Haute-Savoie estimated? Please contact DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER.