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Buying a new construction in Haute-Savoie

Comfort, energy savings, quality of the material used to build … The new constructions offer loads of advantages and lots of people decide to jump on board with this kind of adventure. In Haute-Savoie too new constructions are available for sale. Let DECORDIER IMMOBILIER guide you and help you in the buy of a property in one of these programs or the rent of one in the department 74.

Buying a newly-built property in Evian

Allow DECORDIER immobilier to guide you through the journey of purchasing a newly-constructed real estate asset in Evian.
The Evian-based agency has selected some trustworthy promoters in the Léman lake region. All of our staff members are regularly trained and kept up to date with sale practices in line with the VEFA regulation, marketing and investment practices as well as tax emption schemes in order to better assist you. Buying a planned apartment through DECORDIER mmobilier ensures a complete peace of mind.
Newly-built real estate assets in Evian-Les-Bains and throughout the Haute-Savoie region.
Our company regularly advertises the sale of apartments. Check out the new luxury residences in the townships of Evian, Neuvecelle, Maxilly, Lugrin, Thonon, Sciez and Chatel.
These properties are compliant with current environmental and low energy consumption laws. Some are located in the city centre. Others, found in the vicinity, cater for the needs of nature lovers by offering calmness and amazing views on the Léman lake.
Whether you are interested in property ownership or rental investment, our real estate agency situated in Haute-Savoie will help you at every step of the way, providing you with practical information and useful advice.

Why invest in a newly-built property?

The main question that arises when considering the purchase of a permanent residence or rental investment is whether to buy a newly-constructed or resale property.
One of the undeniable advantages of investing in a newly-built residence is the low energy consumption of apartments in residential complexes and private houses compared to older buildings. The thermal insulation of the former is nowadays specifically designed to be more energy-efficient.

The tax benefits of such a transaction should also be noted. Tax exemption regulations such as the Pinel or the Censi-Bouvard ones, serve the purpose of attracting investment in newly-built property and renovated ones. Moreover, notarial fees for the purchase of newly-built real estate assets have been reduced and the buyer is exempted from paying property tax during the first two years of ownership.
Another great aspect resulting from such an acquisition is the leisure of not having to invest in major renovation works for at least ten long years. Promoters also provide the insurance for Structural Damage (assurance Dommages-Ouvrage). They furthermore have to undertake any work required during the first ten years of ownership following the completion of the construction.

Are you convinced by now to purchase a newly-built property? Visit the DECORDIER immobilier office to browse through the real estate assets available for purchase throughout Haute-Savoie. You will be helped out by a dedicated and passionate team!
We will tune in to your needs, trying our utmost best to fulfill your most specific requirements with regards to the purchase or sale of an apartment, a house or land in the surroundings of the Léman lake.

Some new properties