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Buying a new construction in Haute-Savoie

​Comfort, energy savings, quality of the material used to build … The new constructions offer loads of advantages and lots of people decide to jump on board with this kind of adventure.
In Haute-Savoie too new constructions are available for sale. Let DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER guide you and help you in the buy of a property in one of these programs or the rent of one in the department 74.

New constructions in the whole Haute-Savoie

Our office regularly proposes new constructions with high standard in Evian, Thonon, Sciez as well as in Chatel. These types of properties correspond to BBC and environmental norms applied currently. They can be located in the very centre of towns, as much as it can be on the periphery for those seeking calm and nature, some of the constructions being created to offer wonderful views, especially on Lake Geneva.
That you either wish to buy in a new program for your own use or to make a rental investment, our office, which is dedicated to real estate in Haute-Savoie, will provide you with all the technical details, advice, and help required for you to fulfil your wish.

Energy, tax deductions… Why investing in a new construction?

When you wish to buy your main residence or make a rental investment, the most frequent question that is raised is whether choosing something old or something brand new.
Amidst the key advantages new constructions offer, the one regarding energy saving is one of the most looked at. The brand new properties, them being flats in shared ownership or individual houses, spend much less energy than older properties. Their conception, especially regarding isolation, limits the energy consumption.
The tax deductions that can be gained are also to be taken into account. Some measures that provide tax deductions, like the Loi Pinel, have been set up to encourage investment in new constructions as well as in properties that need renovation work. Please also note that the notary fees are reduced when it comes to investment in these new constructions and that the owners of properties in new constructions are exempted from land taxes during the two first years.
Buying a flat or a house in a new construction, it is also making sure not to have massive renovation works to perform for at least a good ten years, many guarantees being given by the developers of the constructions themselves. Among those, the assurance covering damages and work and the ten-year guarantee, that complete one another to assure the buyer that if some work is required within the ten years following the delivery of the property these works will be taken in charge by the developer.
Are you tempted to jump into the adventure of a new construction? Discover the selection of the new constructions in Haute-Savoie of our real estate office DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER and get the help of a passionate and devoted team.
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