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Buying a flat or a house in Haute-Savoie: focus on the Chablais

​Haute-Savoie is undoubtedly one of the French regions where life is the most pleasant. A recent study led by Les Echos (a newspaper specialised in economics and politics) places Haute-Savoie at a really good place in the ranking of the French regions “where life is really pleasant”. It is no wonder thus that more and more people wish to settle down there, and not only for their winter or summer holidays. To live in Haute-Savoie is to adopt a peculiar way of life: the one of mountains. Yet once you have had a taste of it, it is hard to live without it. Individual houses, flats, new constructions, old property or land to build on, DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER invites you to discover the numerous pro

Why investing in real estate in Haute-Savoie ?

Besides its superb landscapes and its thermal spas famous beyond the boundaries of France and Switzerland, Haute-Savoie offers lots of advantages. This region is dynamic regardless of the season, not exclusively when the skiers take it on in winter. Nestled in between lakes and mountains, Haute-Savoie attracts both in summer and winter, as much for the leisure it offers as for the economic activity.
Should you wish to buy a second home, rent or buy your main residence, sale it or put it for rent, Haute-Savoie is an ideal region to invest in real estate.
It is yet good to know though that the prices regarding real estate in Haute-Savoie have stabilised over the last years. Thonon-les-Bains, Evian-les-Bains, Bons-en-Chablais, Morzine … you only have left to figure out which place would suit best both your longings and projects.

Focus on real estate in Chablais

Chablais, a bordering region depending from both France and Switzerland, deserves to be known. Its French part extends from Lake Geneva to the Vallée du Giffre, providing though absolutely breath-taking landscapes, no matter which season you wander around. It is wonderful to hike there during spring and summer. Then when the snows shows up, the Portes du Soleil, one of the largest ski domain worldwide that gathers the resorts of Avoriaz, Morzine or les Gets, open up to the lovers of snow powder.
The vicinity of Chablais with Geneva has turned it into an area that is economically attractive as well as rich in terms of sports and cultural activities. Its gastronomy should not be forgotten either, as it wins over cheese and cured meat lovers.
Buying a flat in Chablais or renting it is a mean to enjoy the whole year a region where you will hardly ever get bored. Either for week-end’s escapade or the holidays, or to settled down there for good, Chablais proposes a great variety of real estate properties both through new constructions as well as in already existing housings. You can find here typical Savoie chalet with incredible views over their surroundings, bungalows with a swimming pool, recent flats, timber framed houses, buildable lands.

The prices of real estate in Chablais

On August the 1st 2016, the average price per square metres in Haute-Savoie was estimated at some 3627 euros for a flat and 3285 euros for a house. This price undergoes a slight decrease (-0,3%) compared to what was at the same period last year.
In Thonon-les-Bains, one of the most sought after city of the French Chablais, the prixe per square metre for a flat is estimated around 2990 euros while it is about 3266 euros for a house. The price raises in Evian-les-bains, where on should expect 3644 euros per square metre for a flat and about 3441 euros per square metre for a house.
It must be noted that prices in Chablais are about 20 % lower than in the nearby area of Annecy.
Concerning rental, the average price per square metre in the department 74 (ie Haute-Savoie) is estimated around 11,9 euros.

Buying or renting in Chablais ?

Quite many criteria must be taken into account when the moment comes to choose between buying and renting a flat or a house.
The borrowing rates are currently very low and now is considered the ideal moment to invest in real estate. Yet, one has to make sure to be able to pay, added to the paying back of the loan, all the fees that goes with the ownership of a flat or a house, like maintenance works or taxes among other things.
If you regularly have to move out, renting a flat or house in Chablais can be more interesting, unless you are willing to set it up for rent when you will leave the area.

Buying an existing property or in a new construction in Chablais ?

Oh the charm of a mountain’s chalet, a real one! Have you dreamt of it for what feels like forever? You should then better look for an old property. If you prefer the advantages linked to new development programs, please know that DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER proposes lots of recent or currently going through the construction’s stage properties in Evian, Thonon and many other towns and villages in Chablais. Our real estate office, specialised in the 74 department, can also presents you new constructions in Chablais, who are done according to the BBC norms as well as the environmental norms.
It is possible to benefit from subsidies from the l’Agence nationale de l’habitat (Anah), if you buy a property that is over 15 year old, a bonus and someone to guide you to perform thermic renovation works. The Department under certain conditions allocates these subsidies.

Settle down in Chablais with DECORDIER immobilier

If Chablais area entices you, do not hesitate any longer and contact DECORDIER immobilier’s real estate office located in Evian-les-Bains (74500). We cover the whole area within the borders with Switzerland around Lake Geneva.
Once knowing your longings, your needs and your possibilities, DECORDIER immobilier will do its utmost to find the real estate property in Chablais that will suit you. Our team keeps a vigilant eye on the market to offer you the flats and houses in Chablais that are the most exceptional as well as all the news concerning real estate so as to be able to advise you and help you buy or rent your future home at the best price.

Some properties of the region