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Why investing in real estate in Evian ?

You may currently consider buying a house, a flat or a land in Evian-les-Bains or nearby… but do you really know all the assets of this area? If our real estate office has chosen to settle in the core

Evian, an ideal geographic location.

Evian-les-Bains is nestled on the shores of Lake Geneva, some kilometres away from Geneva or Montreux. Located close to Switzerland and the first peaks of the Alps, Evian allows to enjoy a quiet environment while having all the assets of close by big cities (among which the airports).
The city has a gorgeous marina that can welcome up to 850 boats. It is one of the most modern of Lake Geneva and hosts all the boats of the Compagnie Générale de Navigation on Lake Geneva. These boats do regular trips (up to 26 a day!) between Evian-les-Bains and Lausanne.
Investing in real estate in Evian means benefiting from this unique location that will provide you a privileged access to numerous activities (sports, culture, balneology) as well as the opportunity to find a job in a very dynamic and large area.

The economic dynamism of Evian-les-Bains.

Even before having visited Evian, you most likely know the name thanks to the famous mineral water from Danone group. Evian indeed has many mineral water sources, amidst which the source Cachat. They enabled the town to develop itself around balneology and the tourism that goes along with it.
Evian is a town for curists orientated towards both medical cares (rheumatic and digestive diseases) and wellness through the programs for mothers and their babies or to lose some weight. There is also the bottling factory of mineral water that can be visited… Of course, hotels and restaurants benefit largely from all these activities.
The activity rate in Evian is superior to the national average one as it is of 86% (while the average for France is 82%).

Evian, so sweet a way of life

In 2015, Evian has been one of the 9 French cities to obtain a Fleur d'Or, a prestigious distinction attributed during the competition for flowery villages and towns. It testifies the efforts made to propose a living environment quite orientated towards green spaces and respect of environment.
The town indeed has a site classified Jardin Remarquable de France (remarkable French Garden), “Les jardins de l'eau de Pré Curieux”, that can be visited thanks to a solar boat and presents the various ecosystem linked to water (stream, swamp, pond, wet meadow, etc..)
Lake Geneva, nearby, offers a variety of activities that cannot fail to seduce everyone: located at about 372 metres high, it disposes of 53 km of French shores, enough to satisfy any longing for strolls!
We have to mention too sports: Evian is famous for its 18 holes golf course, the Evian Resort Golf Club, which welcome the famous feminine tournament, The Evian Championship… and of course, the proximity of the town with the Alps will please all the people keen on mountain, both in winter and summer.
Finally, culture is too celebrated with, amidst the major events of the year, an international music festival of classic music in July ( les Rencontres Musicales d'Evian) and a theatre festival in August. The town also has a 700sqm media library as well as 700sqm exposition rooms hosted in the core of Palais Lumière, a former thermal establishment that has been converted.

Real estate in Evian-les-Bains

According to the last studies made about real estate in Evian, 2/3 of the habitations are main residences, a proof if one was needed of the attachment of the inhabitants for Chablais. Our real estate office has an excellent knowledge of the area which will enable us to advise you in your real estate project, whether you look for a property in Evian or in the nearby towns and villages. Do not hesitate to contact us or pay us a visit!

Some properties of this city