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Our advice to find a house in Evian

    Our advice to find a house in Evian

    The real estate market in Evian-les-Bains is composed at 23% of individual houses. If some of them are recent, many date back to the 19th century- beginning of the 20th. Mansions, designers’ houses, chalets, or villas by the shore with a private marina: the choice is vast at DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER. Here are our advice as experts for you to buy out a house in Evian methodically and smoothly.

    Preparing correctly your buy-out of a house in Evian

    As it concerns the choice of the place you will live, most likely of many years to come (the average is around seven years), you have to be methodical and be able to project yourself in the future. First and foremost, it is strongly advised to establish a list of imperatives concerning what you are seeking:

    • Choice of the location (town centre, closeness of the lake, the mountain, the schools…)
    • Number of rooms
    • Type of property (modern, ancient, made in wood or in stone)
    • Level of comfort
    • Proximity and availability of the public transports.
    • Type of neighbourhood (animated, residential)

    Evian is a town that presents numerous advantages regarding its geographic situation: located between the lake and the mountain, the township is close to the ski resorts. A house in Evian is an opportunity of a kind: the spas, the marina, the casinos, the theatres, the hiking and biking tracks, the town dos not lack activities.

    Hire experts of Evian

    Finding a house in Evian, visiting it, assessing it and discussing its price are not things easy to do. The ideal is to meet some realtors specialised in selling properties in the city. The properties managed by real estate agencies generally correspond to some criteria of selections and environmental norms. The expert from DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER accompany you in your researches, the assesses and visits of houses in Evian. Our team gives you its advice to make your choice between the various types of houses and their caracteristics: energy consumption, isolation, renovations to be done, maintenance fees, and annexes…

    Take your time when you visit

    Pay attention to every detail! Inspect everything and make sure that the electricity and plumbing (heating system included) work out well. Go touring the neighbourhood or the surrounding area and try and discuss with the inhabitants.
    Prepare your funding plan. It is an important step that must not be neglected. The purchase of a real estate property is an enormous investment and it is scarce to be able to buy without asking for a loan. The real estate officers can help you find solutions regarding your funding according to your own situation.