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Real estate in evian

    Real estate in evian

    At the question "Where’s the best place to live in France?" asked by the French newspaper Les Echos for a study in the whole country, the big majority of the interviewees ranked Haute-Savoie first. This ranking was based on data like life expectancy, the type of contracts for those working, people’s level of studies, sports’ licences etc. Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, the thermal township of Evian includes many villages and hamlets.

    Let’s make a focus on the state of the real estate market in Evian:

    Evian-les-Bains: an exceptional living environment
    Dominated at the South by the massif du Chablais, located between the lake and the mountains, the city of Evian-les-Bains offers numerous advantages and possibilities. Each of the five districts that compose the township has very different characteristics. Devoted to its clients in all the aspect of real estate transactions, DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER agency invites you to discover its listing of properties to buy to live in or put for rent in the Swiss border area.

    An attractive and dynamic real estate market in Evian.
    DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER’s office propose you for sale houses, “feet in the water” properties with a private marina, vast estate, as well as old mansions, farms, buildings that need renovations, family houses with swimming-pool, chalet typical from Haute-Savoie on the higher parts of Evian or in the nearby ski resorts, houses built in wood, buildable lands and commercial spaces.
    In November the 1st, 2015, the estimate of the average price per square meters in Évian-les-Bains was around 3 535 €, every type of property taken into account. If the price per square meter in Évian-les-Bains is close to 3 568 € in average, it can vary from 2 164 € and 4 871 € according to the district. The price per square meter for the houses is more or less equivalent, as it is estimated at some 3 392 € in average (which means -4,9 % compared to the one of flats). It can though go from 2 057 € up to 4 631 € according to the district and style of the house.

    Real estate in Evian : focus on new constructions
    Living in a new construction gives you a better quality and comfort. That is the reason why DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER proposes a selection of new condominium and houses. The orientation, the energy’s consumption, the district, the ancient or modern architecture, all the most acute criteria of selection are gathered so you will find your ideal housing. In the mountains, by the lac or near the shops and the city centre, the new constructions in our ads are done according to the norm BBC and the norms regarding environment.

    Our advice to find a house in Evian
    The real estate market in Evian-les-Bains is composed at 23% of individual houses. If some of them are recent, many date back to the 19th century- beginning of the 20th. Mansions, designers’ houses, chalets, or villas by the shore with a private marina: the choice is vast at DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER.