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  5. The label of “Famille Plus” attributed to Evian-les-Bains

The label of “Famille Plus” attributed to Evian-les-Bains

    The label of “Famille Plus” attributed to Evian-les-Bains

    DECORDIER immobilier has many times praised the town where its agency is found, Evian-les-Bains. The town has recently been attributed the label of “Famille Plus”. This label is given to a destination which displays its suitability for a whole family, one where every family member finds his/her happiness, comfort and entertainment.

    What is the “Famille Plus” label and how to obtain it
    Three organisations are involved in the attribution of this label, namely: the Association Nationale des Élus des Territoires Touristiques, the Association Nationale des Maires des Stations de Montagne and that of the Fédération Française des Stations Vertes de Vacances et des villages de Neige. Only the members of one of these three organisations may aspire to this prestigious label.

    This seal is not obtained easily. Indeed, an application in due form must be submitted. The town must mention the attributes that make it eligible for the grant of the label in a file sent to the committee. An audit is carried out in the form of an observation. The aim is to evaluate the standard of services that a town has to offer to families.

    Destinations have been categorised into the following territories so as to allow families to find the most appropriate station for family vacations in a setting that would suit them: montagne (mountain region), mer (seaside region), ville (urban region), or nature.

    A guarantee seal
    The “Famille Plus” tag is a form of guarantee. It makes finding such a town which offers:

    - A customised welcome for each family
    - Accommodation that is appropriate for all family members
    - Entertainment suitable for all family members, according to their respective ages
    - Activities which the youth and the elders can enjoy together or separately
    - Shops in the vicinity which include a department for food and non-food items for babies and children
    - A club for children, with a professional team

    The “Famille Plus” label in practice in Evian
    Evian from now on forms part of the few French destinations – 126 to be exact – that are labelled “Famille Plus”. It is quite easy to understand how. If the attractions such as the Palais de Lumière, the Château de Blonay, the Golf of Evian or the Funiculaire, would be of interest to adults, the younger generation would enjoy the Léman Forest or the Aquaparc. Many hotels have commodities in place especially for children, for instance the Evian Resort, which has a “Kid’s Resort”.

    Additionally, one of the entertainment which brings together and fascinates the youth and the elders is that of the Fabuleux Villages des Flottins. Evian is a magical town, with the amazing legend of the creatures that saved Santa Claus, the Flottins. Whether your hair have gone white from wisdom or your eyes are shining with hope, the driftwood village which comes to town during the months of December and January, would surely offer an extraordinary holiday experience.

    Even before the attribution of the prestigious label, Evian used to draw in a large number of people. The “Famille Plus” tag is a confirmation of its status as a perfect destination for family holidays. The town’s efforts to cater for the needs of locals and visitors have been rewarded through this label.