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Ho ho ho! Christmas in Haute-Savoie

    Ho ho ho! Christmas in Haute-Savoie

    Christmas is celebrated while abiding by traditions and, above all, in a magical atmosphere in Haute-Savoie. Here are two places of the region which are especially loved, one of which has even been attributed a special title this year.

    The “Hameau du Père Noël”, at Saint Blaise
    140,000 fascinated persons visit Saint Blaise, in the vicinity of Cruseilles, every year for Christmas. 140,000 pairs of eyes are amazed before a pleasant-looking house, traditional, but decorated with lights and full of fantasy. The “Hameau du Père Noël” is open the whole year, but a unique atmosphere prevails during the month of December.

    The house exudes good vibes and magic. Some gifts are kept in the living room. Some reindeers can be seen near windows. Everything seems so real. It feels as if it is another world altogether. Kitchen, dining area, bathroom, infirmary, the elves’ rooms, the kids may go anywhere in the house to search for the Santa Claus.

    In addition to the latter and the elves, children will come across three other legendary characters: the Mother Christmas, the “Père Fouettard” and the Sandman. One can easily began dreaming while listening to the captivating stories of the Mother Christmas. The “Père Fouettard” – Santa Claus’ brother whose job is to punish children who misbehave according to some stories – is not as scary as portrayed in some stories. He readily explains his role to children. The latter are also amazed before the Sandman, who explains how he works on the night of Christmas.

    Above all, the “Hameau du Père Noël” is the work of some 1,400 volunteers who are part of the “Pays Pays” association. The project was launched about twenty years ago. This beautiful piece of work has moved many viewers of the channel TF1, who have chosen the “Hameau du Père Noël” as the winner for the “Coup de Cœur de Noël”, a contest of coverages done by the channel’s reporters for Christmas. A great reward for all these efforts.

    Santa Claus’ house, at the Gets station
    When young ones and grownups reach the station’s “magical forest”, they firstly see an elf who is very busy answering calls from all around the world. This all happens in the communication tower. He still finds the time to welcome children (and their parents) with open arms.

    Then, in the lodge, stands the opportunity of spending a moment of closeness and bonding with the very kind Santa Claus. In one of the rooms, the elves share some secrets with the children about how they wrap gifts or how they repair broken toys. A bit later, the Santa Claus is welcomed on the slopes by skiers dressed in red, holding torches.

    It is time to click some photos with the Santa Claus. Following this, the event is closed by an amazing firework launch.
    The station of Gets has been home to the traditional wooden lodge since about ten years, much to the pleasure of young ones as well as grownups’.
    Spending Christmas in Haute-Savoie means spending a magical moment with loved ones. Its unique atmosphere and its attractions will make your winter holidays a wonderful memory you will cherish forever.