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  5. The quays of Evian are getting a makeover! (for pedestrians and vehicles)

The quays of Evian are getting a makeover! (for pedestrians and vehicles)

    The quays of Evian are getting a makeover! (for pedestrians and vehicles)

    The docks at Evian are about to take have a new look. The town hall has put forth a project based on the following principles: making road traffic more fluid, offering citizens new places to relax, solving parking problems and giving a boost to the region's businesses. We hope this will make life easier for both residents and visitors. Here's a small glimpse.

    The project in a few words
    25 million; this is the amount that will be disbursed to give a new look to the Evian-Les-Bains docks. This transformation project extends from the Church roundabout to the Baths roundabout, covering some 40,000 square metres. It will be carried out over a period of 5 years. The companies Bigbang, Carbonnet Architects, Arcadis ESG and Studio by Night will be responsible for making this new vision of the Evian quays a reality.

    The project has three phases, including :

    1. The creation of a public space of no less than 20,000 square meters. The promenade will be extended, to the delight of children (and adults). It is an esplanade of 5,000 square metres to which walkers will be entitled, not forgetting the famous fountains and comfortable, modern outdoor furnishings. And all this, of course, on the lakefront. But there is more to this project than just concrete, as nature-conscious people are reassured; not only will no trees be cut down, but the number of trees will also increase from 90 to 260. What a breath of fresh air this new space will bring!

    2. The construction of a parking lot under the casino. It will be 25 metres high, comprise 3 floors and offer some 540 parking spots, of which about 100 will be allocated to the casino. It will also be linked to the Charles-de-Gaulle parking area. Of the 25 million euro budget for this ambitious project, 16 million euros have been allocated to this phase. The completion of this phase is scheduled for 2022.

    3. Enlargement of the lake station. This part of the project involves the construction of a 440 metre long platform. It will accommodate twice the capacity of CGN vessels currently accommodated by the wharf. The extension of the pier is expected to be completed by 2021.

    It's a well-known fact: Evian is a town which always emphasises innovation and modern infrastructures for the well-being and comfort of its inhabitants and visitors. It is therefore no coincidence that Haute-Savoie is so popular and that the number of inhabitants continues to grow. A commune of ever-improving beauty, living here would be a real pleasure, don't you think? If you think so, don't hesitate to contact the Decordier Immobilier team. We will be able to find the apartment or house in Evian-Les-Bains that best suits your needs.

    With no less than fifteen years of experience in the real estate field, you can trust Decordier Immobilier. Moreover, it is not only us who say so, but an average of 4.9 out of 5 on Google Avis says it all. See you soon!