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DECORDIER immobilier, your trustworthy real estate agency in Haute-Savoie

    DECORDIER immobilier, your trustworthy real estate agency in Haute-Savoie

    Based in Evian-Les-Bains, the DECORDIER immobilier agency has prestigious properties for sale or for rent, as well as new real estate programmes in which to invest in the Haute-Savoie region. But is it wise to invest in this department? Why should you consult a real estate agency? Find the answers in this article.

    Real estate in Haute-Savoie
    Recent surveys carried out by the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) clearly demonstrate the popularity of Haute-Savoie as a destination for settling down. Indeed, it has welcomed some one hundred thousand more people over the last ten years.

    The proximity between the Haute-Savoie region and Geneva would have played a major role in the decision of buyers and tenants. Thus, many cross-border workers have moved to the Chablais region. However, this is not the only reason for the population increase.

    The view of Lake Leman, the Promenade d'Evian, the Château d'Evian, the Palais Lumière, Lake Annecy, the Pont des Amours, the Col d'Aravis...so many places that attract people to Haute-Savoie, not to mention the culture and entertainment that make the towns and villages of the department even more attractive. The purchase of chalets in the region as a holiday residence in the mountains can be justified by the easy access to the Alps.

    The purchase and resale of a top-of-the-range holiday home therefore seems to be a very beneficial investment. The chances of making a profit on the resale is greater. Furthermore, a comparison between the Swiss real estate market and that of Haute-Savoie shows that an investment in Haute-Savoie is much more profitable.

    The advantages of consulting an agency for the real estate transaction
    It is a wise decision to entrust the sale or lease of a property for residential or commercial purposes to an agency. The network of the company and the agents guarantees a greater visibility of your advertisement and thus increases the chances of the realization of your real estate project. Moreover, the evaluation of a property is a crucial step and must be entrusted to professionals. At DECORDIER immobilier, we are aware that a well done evaluation of a property contributes to setting a fair price, which in turn allows you to find a buyer more quickly. This service is free of charge and with no obligation on your part.

    Being on the lookout for any real estate news, an agency is better able to advise you. Our agents benefit from continuous training. As true experts in the trade, we also provide you with the latest technology to enhance the value of your property, to attract the attention of potential customers and to help you sell it at a better price. In the same vein, our services also include furniture simulation on photos.

    You wish to sell your house, apartment or land? Let us estimate your property by contacting us through the form you will find on our website. Our agent will get back to you as soon as possible. Have you found a listed property that suits your needs? Call us quickly or come and visit us at 31, rue Nationale.