Evian is known throughout the world for its mineral water and the many activities in the"/>
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Real estate in Évian-les-Bains

     Real estate in Évian-les-Bains

    Live in Évian-les-Bains

    An authentic town that has managed to preserve its archaic charm, Evian is known throughout the world for its mineral water and the many activities in the surrounding area. Bordered by Lake Geneva, this town offers a multitude of activities for the enjoyment of its inhabitants and visitors.

    You will find its market where local products are highlighted, Savoyard cheeses, fresh products from the lake itself, artisanal and seasonal products. In Evian you don't only eat well, but you also enjoy its beaches, terraces, marina and its famous monuments and places. Lovers of the local heritage and culture, Evian will be for you a place not to be missed.

    Do you want me to give you reasons to come and live here? Quite simply because this city has an architecture in its own right, a mix between modern and retro for those looking to travel back in time. Evian offers contemporary houses, apartments and villas as well as more versatile style properties that reflect the very image of this city in full expansion. Due to the climate defined as humid with cold, snowy winters and mild summers, the houses in Evian are considered as little cocoons where you spend most of your time surrounded by your family. 

    If you wish to settle in this spa town, real estate in Evian offers you a choice. For lovers of work who are not afraid to get dirty in order to give free rein to their imagination in terms of decoration or those who wish to acquire a property in the air of time with a futuristic or sober style, or why a foot in the water by the lake? Evian is ready to welcome you or to build with you this exceptional property.

    The modernism of this city, with its casino, its theater or its town hall contributes to animate this city which is already very much alive. Evian is also in the high-end real estate, because yes this city also evolves with its time. I don't even mention the apartments with a view of the lake located in the city centre and its villas. This city has all the assets that will allow you to spend happy days with your family in a calm, peaceful and cultural environment.

    The price is attractive and accessible to all. Between the comfort of a cosy house with its roof terrace and view on the lake or a luxurious apartment or villa, the proximity of the conveniences, the city of Evian gathers all that a person in search of happiness is looking for. 
    There is so much more to say about Evian, but I will stop there. If you want to know more and be in the very heart of this city that is full of history, you know what to do.

    I'll let you get in touch with us so that together we can make this dream come true.

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