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The stages of selling your property - DECORDIER immobilier

    The stages of selling your property - DECORDIER immobilier

    Our experience as real estate agents at the service of your projects

    Putting your property up for sale is not that simple. It is a project that requires thought, knowledge, and time.
    Putting your house or apartment up for sale through a real estate agency will allow you to be guided, advised, and save time.
    To find the real estate agency that will best meet your expectations, rely on several criteria:
    - The recommendations of your friends and family. They will be able to share their experiences, successes, and failures with you.
    - The presence of "For Sale" or "Sold" signs in your neighborhood. Indeed, the presence of these signs accentuates the visibility of the property for sale
    - Google Reviews, again this allows you to see the positive and negative points of an agency. A compliment is always more difficult to obtain than a criticism, you can be sure that an agency with many positive reviews is a trusted agency.
    - The agency windows, you will have a concrete vision of the development of the property for sale in the agency.
    - The internet search ranking. When a real estate agency is present on the 1st page of search, it means that it is an active and reactive agency.
    - The treatment of ads, the presence and highlighting on specialized sites and social networks. The more an ad is seen, the faster the sale will be.
    - The processing time of your request. At DECORDIER real estate, each information is processed and followed up as soon as possible and we have a flawless organization and an ability to work with enthusiasm which is the basis of our success.

    Here are the key steps in the management of our sales mandates:

    Step 1: Making an appointment

    We set up an appointment with you by phone or when you come to our agency. This appointment must be made at the address of the property to be sold, and in the presence of at least one of the owners or his representative. In order to prepare for this meeting, we ask you to gather all the information about your property, such as the title deed, proving that you are the owner(s) of the house or apartment, the plans, the surface of the land, etc.
    Step 2 : 1st appointment - The estimation of your property

    During this first meeting, we make it a point of honor to take time with you to get to know you, your property, and your real estate project. Let's not forget that selling an apartment/house/land is often THE project of a lifetime!

    In a second time, we will also briefly present you, our agency. Many real estate agencies are present around EVIAN-LES-BAINS, each one with its own specificities. That's why a local agency like ours is ideal because it masters its market and has a perfect knowledge of the land, the infrastructures, and the conveniences to sell. This appointment takes place in the following way:
    - Explanations on our estimation method.
    - Visit of your apartment or house.
    - Taking of photos and measurements of the rooms and annexes.

    A real estate estimate is not done lightly, that's why we don't give you our estimate immediately but fix a second appointment, a few days later, within our agency for the rendering of the estimate.

    Step 3: 2nd appointment - Rendering of the estimate

    The second meeting takes place in 3 steps:

    1) Presentation of the DECORDIER real estate agency's portfolio by describing our working methods, our marketing tools, as well as the different types of mandates.
    We also explain the sales process, our marketing plan and our organization of visits.
    2) Rendering of our estimate.
    3) When you agree to put your property up for sale, we compile a complete file with all the documents required for marketing and proceed with the signing of the sales mandate. Our real estate agent makes an appointment to proceed with the marketing. We make sure to publish quality ads with 20 HDR photos, a 2D plan, a virtual 360 visit (for exclusive mandates), a complete description of your property.

    Step 4: Follow-up on the sale

    Once the ad is published, the real estate agent in charge of your property organizes a marketing visit with his collaborators because it is important that all the real estate agents of the agency master the characteristics to sell it.

    Before each visit, we make a thorough discovery of the buyers. We seek to know their real estate project, we describe the property for sale in great detail, we offer them the virtual 360 visit if necessary. A planned visit is a targeted visit! In order to have an excellent follow-up, following each visit, your real estate agent gives you the essential report.

    Communication and active listening are the basis of a trusting relationship, which is why we strive to maintain a special bond with our sellers! We keep you informed of every detail from the first meeting to the signing of the deed of sale.

    You wish to know the value of your property? Make an online valuation or contact us!

    Contact :
    - Evian Agency + / e-mail : evian@decordier-immobilier.com
    - Thonon Agency + / e-mail : thonon@decordier-immobilier.com