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Real estate agency Thonon-les-Bains

    Real estate agency Thonon-les-Bains

    The digital sales tools of real estate agencies in Thonon

    There are many estate agencies in Thonon but not all of them use the same "sales tools".
    To enhance the value of your property, whether it is a flat, a house, a plot of land or a business, and thus facilitate its sale, it must be visible.
    The future buyer must be able to have as much information as possible with a simple "click" and thus be able to project himself into the property or business. This is why photos, 360° virtual visits, 2D plans and the distribution of advertisements are so important.

    In DECORDIER real estate agencies, each sale ad (except for VEFA) includes 20 HDR photos whereas most other real estate agencies in Thonon as elsewhere in France, only offer 5 to 10 photos on their ads.
    So, why did we choose to publish 20 real estate photos and moreover in HDR ?

    Buyers are often in a hurry and want to have as much information as possible in a short time. The risk of publishing only 5 photos per ad, for example, is that potential buyers will go elsewhere to look for other photos and that, in the end, they will call another estate agency in Thonon (for the same property on a simple mandate, for another property on an exclusive mandate).
    In addition, if the advert contains few photos, buyers have little information at the outset and the probability that they will not follow up is high.
    We also chose HDR photos because they are generally brighter, more contrasting and more colourful, they are more visible and therefore generate more calls and therefore more visits. The main purpose of a real estate ad is to generate enquiries and visits. HDR is therefore a very useful tool!

    The 2D plan is an essential tool for the buyer to allow him to project himself. It is often difficult for buyers to imagine themselves in their future property. Thanks to the plan, he can have a global vision of the distribution of the rooms of the house. This vision will be essential in the case of a property that is still occupied or simply needs to be renovated. With a plan, the buyer has a concrete idea of the volumes and this allows him to depersonalise the property and thus imagine the layout as he wishes.

    For exclusive real estate sales mandates, a virtual visit is also included in our sales advertisements, whether on our website (http://www.decordier-immobilier.com) or on specialised sales sites. Virtual visits can be very useful as they will allow to better filter and select the candidates before a real visit. Indeed, buyers can see from their computer if the property in question really corresponds to their search criteria. This avoids unnecessary visits and therefore saves time for sellers while they are still living in the property (tidying up, family and professional organisation, etc.), for buyers because they do not visit a property that does not correspond to their needs, and for estate agents who can concentrate on finding targeted buyers or on finding new properties to offer for sale. For the acquisition of second homes, virtual visits are also very useful, even essential, and often generate more visits, as most of these future buyers do not live in the region. This avoids them having to travel long distances to find a property that does not fit their search criteria. After having viewed the virtual visit, they will be much less hesitant to go for a physical visit, as they will have checked beforehand that the house, flat or business corresponds to their expectations.
    In order to further enhance the sale of a house or land, a video by drone can also be offered. Indeed, one of the most critical steps in the sale of a house is the taking of photos and the shooting of videos. These images are usually taken from the perspective of someone standing in a driveway, garden, backyard, etc. Combined with the listing description, they can give potential buyers a basic idea of the property's appearance and layout, while leaving enough room for imagination. But above all, the use of drones for aerial photography and video filming in real estate offers buyers an unparalleled and much more accurate picture of what the property actually looks like. They can enjoy an unprecedented aerial tour of their desired property. Aerial photos can also be used to show buyers the condition of normally inaccessible features of a property, such as roofs, gutters, and the surrounding area.

    An advertisement is the visiting card of your property, it is the first contact that a buyer has with your property. It must therefore be written with the utmost care, putting yourself in the shoes of the buyers. In fact, they should be able to have a description of your property in a few lines and thus get an initial idea.

    Currently, it is estimated that around 7 out of 10 peoples are looking for their future home online. Therefore, the diffusion of your property sale advert online is crucial and it is also essential to increase the number of dedicated websites. By multiplying your advert, we increase its visibility and consequently the number of buyer requests. At DECORDIER immobilier, our property for sale ads are published on 10 specialised websites such as: Leboncoin, Se loger, Bien ici, Logic immo etc...., in addition to our own website.

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    - Thonon +33 (0) 4 50 72 31 95 / e-mail : thonon@decordier-immobilier.com
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