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DPN - DECORDIER immobilier Evian & Thonon

    DPN - DECORDIER immobilier Evian & Thonon

    Digital performance diagnosis

    DECORDIER Immobilier Evian and Thonon are the first to provide sellers with the DPN tool for free.

    But what is a DPN?

    A DPN is a digital performance diagnosis that was created to inform future buyers or tenants of the speed of the internet connection of their future home. An essential tool in the current health context where telecommuting has become frequent. But not only! Contrary to the time when only a television and a fixed telephone were present in homes, in 2021, practically all the residents have a cell phone, and at least a television and a computer per apartment or house. Therefore, we all need an internet connection. Moreover, since the installation of the powerful fiber, many potential buyers want to know if it is available in the neighborhood and if the apartment or house of their choice is already connected to that network. The DPN will therefore be a definite asset when putting a property up for sale.

    This diagnosis is offered by our care, at the time of the setting in sale of a real estate proprety except for the housing in VEFA (Sale in future state of completion). This official document is displayed in the continuity of our HDR photos and composed as follows:
    The first paragraph concerns the fixed internet :
    - The diagnosis on the Internet network. It is indicated the type of connection available as Fiber Optic, ADSL2, ADSL, low speed by telephone modem.
    - The best downstream speed (i.e. the connection speed) is indicated (subject to an existing connection), on a diagram resembling that of an ECD with colors corresponding to the letter obtained, according to the speed figure.
    - A table summarizing the possible uses with this connection such as: Web/Email, Social Networks, TV and videos and online games.

    The second paragraph concerns mobile telephony:
    - The diagnosis regarding the best internet network available from a smartphone. (3G, 4G or soon 5G).
    - The list of the main operators available in this sector.
    - A summary table of the possible uses with this connection such as:
    Web/Email, Social networks, TV and videos and online games.

    The DPN has been set up by real estate diagnosticians and not by the State. It is therefore not mandatory. At DECORDIER immobilier Evian et Thonon, we remain attentive to the demands of future buyers and we do our utmost with all our tools to facilitate the sale of the properties entrusted to us.

    DECORDIER immobilier agencies :
    - Evian +33 (0) 4 50 75 15 15 / e-mail : evian@decordier-immobilier.com
    - Thonon +33 (0) 4 50 72 31 95 / e-mail : thonon@decordier-immobilier.com
    - Grand Baie +230 268 28 28 / e-mail : contact@decordier-immobilier.mu