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The different real estate diagnostics

    The different real estate diagnostics

    Technical Diagnostic File

    You decide to sell your property? It is important to carry out several specific steps before the sale.

    One of the key steps is to establish a Technical Diagnostic File.

    This is a file containing the different real estate diagnostics, called « DDT ». Its purpose is to inform and protect the buyers of the current state of the building in all its aspects. Its content may vary depending on the type of dwelling, whether it is a single-family home or a condominium. Depending on the housing, it is necessary to have the following diagnostics:

    - Diagnostic de Energy diagnostic
    -Lead (for properties built before 1949)
    -Asbestos (For properties built before 1997)
    -Electrical (If the installation is more than 15 years old)
    -Gas (If the installation is more than 15 years old)
    -Termites (Depending on the region)
    -Dry rot (Depending on the region)
    -« ERP » (State of risks and pollutions)

    For apartments or houses in condominiums, it is necessary to add the diagnosis « Loi Carrez » which determines the private surfaces, the total surface with a height under ceiling of minium 1m80. Concerning houses, the sanitation diagnostic can be requested by the notary and will be carried out by public services.

    Any property intended for sale or rent must have a « DDT », mandatory since 2007. It is necessary to call upon a professional holding a certificate of competence. At DECORDIER immobilier, we take care of having these real estate diagnostics established for you by a certified diagnostician in our region Thonon and Evian-les-Bains.

    The price may vary according to the surface area of the property, its location but especially the number of diagnostics to be carried out. Please note that in the case of a sale via an exclusive sales mandate with our real estate agency, the amount of the diagnostics invoice will be deducted from the agency fees at the time of the sale.

    The delay depends on the availability of the diagnostician. At DECORDIER real estate, we can count on the reactivity of our local partners in order to have a fast on line following the signature of the mandate of sale.
    In terms of duration, each diagnostic has its own regulations. We will give you more details in our next news, because it can go from one year to an unlimited duration.

    DECORDIER immobilier agencies :

    - Evian +33 (0) 4 50 75 15 15 / e-mail : evian@decordier-immobilier.com
    - Thonon +33 (0) 4 50 72 31 95 / e-mail : thonon@decordier-immobilier.com
    - Grand Baie +230 268 28 28 / e-mail : contact@decordier-immobilier.mu