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How do I know the surface area of my property?

    How do I know the surface area of my property?

    The different names of a surface survey

    When you decide to put your property up for sale, the first question that arises is:

    What is the exact surface area of my property?

    In order to answer this question and for it to be valid for a sale, it is not enough to take a measuring tape and measure every corner of your property. There are a few things you need to know, and the services of an authorized diagnostician may be essential are strongly recommended. Indeed, the rules for apartments and houses are not the same:

    Private area – « Loi Carrez » :
    In 1996, the « Carrez Law » n° 96-1107 was created in order to protect future purchasers from a metering error for a property in co-ownership. Since this date, sellers are obliged to make a precise statement of the private surface of the property. This calculation includes the total surface with a height under ceiling higher than 1m80, by taking account of the spaces with uses of dwellings, while including the isolated and heated verandas. Annexes such as cellars, garages and attics that cannot be converted are not included in the private area, also called the "Carrez" area. The seller can establish this calculation without the help of a professional, but in case of dispute he or she will not be covered. This is why, when a property is sold through a real estate agency, the " Loi Carrez " diagnosis is established by an authorized professional, called a diagnostician.

    Living area :
    The living area is established according to article R111-2 of the Construction and Housing Code. It is calculated for all properties for sale. There is no difference between the measurement of an apartment or a house in condominium and that of a single-family home. The system is relatively identical to the private surface. The living area includes attics that can be converted, but excludes all other annexes. In addition, no official document from a diagnostician is necessarily required to conclude the sale.

    Useful surface :
    The useful surface is established according to article R331-10 of the building and housing code, it corresponds to the living area plus half of the surface of the annexes. These must be reserved for the exclusive use of the inhabitant, they include: attics and convertible attics, cellars and basements, balconies, loggias and verandas, as well as dependencies.
    In some cases, we speak of "useful" surface, especially for attic housing where the height is less than 1m80 surface dedicated to the development. Originally, the useful surface was used to evaluate the amounts of low-cost housing. But today, it is also used to calculate the rent ceilings within the framework of tax exemption for new housing.
    Calculation method is :
    Useful surface = habitable surface + 50% of the appendices’ surface

    Floor area:
    It is used for the construction, either a VEFA (sale in future state of completion). It is used to determine the town planning authorization required for the construction project. It corresponds to the total surface area of the future home, excluding partitions.

    Putting your property up for sale through our real estate agency will save you time. We call upon a diagnostician, he intervenes quickly after the signature of the sale mandate, establishes all the necessary diagnostics including the measurement of your property. This service is offered in case of an exclusive mandate!

    Do not wait to make an online estimate in a few clicks!

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