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“DPE” - Energy performance diagnosis

    “DPE”  -  Energy performance diagnosis

    New “DPE” regulations 2021 in Evian

    The new regulation of the “DPE” is put in place since July 1st 2021 :

    - What is an energy performance diagnosis?
    A “DPE” is a report measuring energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for apartments, houses or buildings. It has been mandatory since November 1st 2006 and is essential to put your property up for sale or rent, a long with the following diagnoses: Asbestos, Electricity, Gas, Lead, Termites, Dry Rot and “ERP” (state of risks & pollutions) which make up the Technical Diagnostic File (Read also our article here)

    - When is the “DPE” to be carried out?
    All dwellings must be accompanied by an up-to-date energy performance diagnosis, and this must be displayed on all advertisements (website, shop window).

    - How to carry out that diagnosis?
    It is necessary to call upon a professional: the diagnostician. If you work use a real estate agency, the latter can put you in touch with them. At DECORDIER immobilier, we take care of the appointment, and you can benefit from advantages if you opt for an exclusive sales mandate.

    - Why is it essential?
    From now on, all parties are implicated in the event of non-compliance with this regulation when a property is put up for sale or rent: the seller, the real estate agency, the owner, and the diagnostician.
    In case of dispute, the diagnostician is no longer solely responsible.

    - What are the calculation methods?
    It is no longer enough to have the consumption invoices. An official summary table must be displayed on all real estate ads. This one is summarized by a colored and more readable label.

    The first part of this chart is made up of all the consumptions heating, hot water production, lighting and auxiliaries such as fans or heat pumps, which group primary energy together. Here is the scale applied:

    - Category A: less than 70 KWh/m² per year
    - Category B: 71 to 110 KWh/m² per year
    - Category C: 111 to 180 KWh/m² per year
    - Category D: 181 to 250 KWh/m² per year
    - Category E: 251 to 330 KWh/m² per year
    - Category F: 331 to 420 KWh/m² per year
    - Category G: more than 421 KWh/m² per year

    Concerning housing in class F or G, a special mention must be made: "housing with excessive energy consumption". This indicates that work will have to be done to improve the situation of the property. By January 1st 2028, all housings will have to be between class A and E or it will no longer be possible to rent it out. For the sale, the owners will have to submit to a mandatory energy audit.

    It should be noted that the level of energy consumption depends on the insulation and performance equipment’s performance. The diagnostician establishes an overview of the dwelling by examining the insulation of the walls, floors, roof or ceilings, doors, and windows. He also examines the equipment such as the heating method, hot water production, if the dwelling is equipped with air conditioning, the ventilation system. In their report, you will be able to identify the different possible works to be done and the estimated amount.

    The second part of the diagram represents greenhouse gas emissions according to the following scale:

    - Category: less than 6 kg CO2/m² per year
    - Category: 7 to 11 kg CO2/m² per year
    - Category: 12 to 30 kg CO2/m² per year
    - Category D: 31 to 50 kg CO2/m² per year
    - Category E: 51 to 70 kg CO2/m² per year
    - Category F: 71 to 100 kg CO2/m² per year
    - Category G: 101 kg CO2/m² per year

    This emission level depends on the type of energy used, such as wood, electricity, gas or fuel oil.

    Another mandatory mention on this display: the estimated annual energy costs of your home.

    And what about buildings?
    Concerning condominiums, nothing is officially established for the moment. Only residences whose building permit was filed before January 1st 2013 will have to obtain a collective energy performance diagnosis (collective “DPE”). A deadline will be established according to the number of lots in the residence, from January 1st 2024 on for the biggest condominiums.

    What you need to know:
    - “DPE” performed between January 1st 2013 and December 31st 2017 are valid until December 31st 2022.
    - “DPE” performed between January 1st 2018 and June 30st 2021 are valid until December 31st 2024.
    - All “DPE” performed from July 1st 2021 onwards are valid for 10 years.
    - The regulations depend on your location according to your department and altitude.

    If renovation works have been carried out in your property, it is imperative to request a new energy performance diagnosis report. This is in accordance with the new regulations but will also add value to your property.

    The choice of building materials is as important as the technical equipment. We advise you to insulate your home properly and to invest in recent heating systems.

    In this spring 2022, we are in the heart of global warming. A topical subject which worries the government and the French citizens. That's why, many actions are set up in order to fight against this disturbance.
    By 2025, all “DPE” will have to be dated at least by 2021 and blank “DPE” will no longer be relevant.

    This is good for us and good for our environment. We will reduce our consumption costs, only decent housing will be on the real estate market and we will reduce air pollution.

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