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Buying an efficient home or renovating an energy-inefficient property?

    Buying an efficient home or renovating an energy-inefficient property?

    Our advices for buying a property in Evian-les-Bains or Thonon-les-Bains

    With the rising cost of energy and the constraints of global warming, energy efficiency has become a major concern in all real estate sectors. Between an energy-intensive property that needs to be renovated and an efficient home to buy, how can you make the best choice? Here are a few things to think about to help you in your purchase project.   

    -Why buy a thermal sieve?
    When we talk about a heat sieve, we mean an energy-consuming property, i.e. a home that consumes a lot of energy to operate. If buying such a property seems irrational, here is an overview of the reasons that might make you think twice.

    -Negotiable prices
    The various measures aimed at reducing the number of thermal wastes in the housing stock have resulted in a drop in their value, and therefore their price on the market. You could therefore make a good deal by buying a property with a poor energy rating. Before any transaction, pay attention to the information contained in the energy performance diagnosis (DPE). Is the energy class of your property low (G, F, or even E)? So be it. You are now in a position to negotiate the sale price, given the work you will have to do to make your home more efficient.

    -A large supply
    Often well located, close to urban centers, older homes represent a significant portion of the residential stock. They are more numerous than new properties, which depend on real estate programs and various constraints related to their construction (availability of materials, obtaining building permits, etc.). If you wish to become a homeowner without delay, the choice of an old home is to be seriously considered!

    Renovation aids
    Of course, when you buy an energy-consuming property, it is in your best interest to carry out a series of works to make it more energy efficient and comfortable. The more comprehensive your renovation program, the more you will optimize its energy performance. The good news is that there are many grants available to support you in your project. Diagnostics, steps to take, quotes from qualified professionals, you will find a wealth of information on the website of France Rénov', the government agency dedicated to all private renovation programs.

    However, if they tend to improve, these devices are still far from covering the extent of the cost of your work. It is also better to keep in mind that a real renovation project requires time and skills, especially to have an overall vision of the actions to be taken. If you are not at all a handyman, it may be difficult for you to anticipate the needs of your home or to carry out minor work between two series of more important interventions. In addition, putting together applications for assistance requires a minimum of organization and a taste for administrative procedures. Does the sight of a simple pile of papers make you uncomfortable? Perhaps it's time to consider another course of action.

    Choose a high-performance property

    The guarantee of a good performance in new housing

    By choosing a new home, you can be sure of getting good energy performance. Since 2013 and the entry into force of the RT 2012, new constructions have tended to improve to offer increasingly ecological housing. With the new RE 2020 (Environmental Regulation,) in force since January 1, 2022, the public authorities go even further. This time, the thresholds for energy consumption have been lowered even further and the carbon impact of buildings on the environment is taken into account throughout their life cycle. Becoming a new homeowner therefore means avoiding renovation work for at least a few years!

    Disadvantages in spite of everything

    Yes, despite all its advantages, new construction also presents a few difficulties that you should anticipate! Most of the time, new programs are sold off-plan. On average, you will need to wait between 18 and 24 months for the delivery of your home. You will therefore benefit from the advantages of new housing if you have time to spare and if possible delays in construction are not a problem. In addition, real estate developers have recently been faced with a materials crisis and increasing difficulties in obtaining building permits. All these factors explain the slowdown in construction over the last 3 years.   

    Buying a newly renovated old house

    What if you haven't exhausted all the possibilities? Indeed, even if most efficient housing is new, energy efficiency is not found exclusively in new construction. You could also buy a newly renovated property that combines the benefits of old with the conveniences of new. This type of housing could well be a solution for all lovers of the old in search of a good compromise.

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