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How to connect your new home to fiber optics?

    How to connect your new home to fiber optics?

    The comparisons and advice to receive the fiber in Evian or Thonon

    The fiber arrives near you! You live in Evian or Thonon-les-Bains and want to connect your new house to the optical fiber? We explain you how to proceed and compare the different offers.

    Optical fiber is the best technology available today. It is much faster and more stable than ADSL or 4G box. But, to be able to benefit from it, the home must be eligible. We explain how to perform an eligibility test for fiber optics, how to compare and what work needs to be done.

    Make a comparison of the fiber offers on the market

    In France, Internet service providers fall into three categories:

    - the historical providers: Bouygues Telecom, Free, Orange and SFR.
    - low-cost providers: Sosh from Orange and Red by SFR.
    - MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) providers: La Poste Mobile, Auchan Telecom, Cdiscount Mobile and Coriolis. The latter have neither infrastructure nor network, but rent them from the historical operators.

    Each provider proposes different offers, which you should compare in order to find the one that best suits your needs.

    To do so, the boutique-box-internet website advises to use an online comparison tool. In a few clicks, you will have access to a comparison of the most interesting offers for you, according to the criteria you have entered. That's why, before, you have to list your needs in terms of Internet: speed, options...

    However, before doing anything, the first step is to test your eligibility to the optical fiber.

    You can also go directly to the stores located in downtown Thonon-les-Bains in order to have direct contact with a consultant.

    How to test your eligibility to the optical fiber ?

    If you want to install optical fiber in your house, you must first test your eligibility for optical fiber.  This will tell you which technology is available in your new home: optical fiber, ADSL or 4G box.

    To do this, the main Internet service providers (Bouygues Telecom, Free, Orange and SFR) offer this tool, free of charge, on their website. All you have to do is enter your address or your landline number. In a few seconds, you will be fixed.

    Nevertheless, this eligibility test must be carried out with all the historical operators, warn the experts of the site Boutique-Box-Internet.fr. Indeed, the answer can be negative with one, but positive with another, because all the providers do not propose the same technologies and the same speeds according to your address.

    Moreover, if you are not yet eligible for fiber optics, it may only be a matter of time. Fiber optics is rapidly being deployed throughout France. Today, two thirds are connected. To follow its evolution and know when you will be eligible, you can use this tool.

    What are the steps to be taken to connect to the fiber optic network ?

    If the eligibility test is positive, all you have to do is contact the provider of your choice, by phone, online or in a store (if the chosen operator has one) and subscribe to the most advantageous offer for you. An appointment with a technician will then be scheduled to connect your home to the city's fiber network.

    The work is taken care of by the Internet service provider and lasts between two and three hours. You will need to be present for the duration of the work. The work consists of pulling a cable from the optical connection point (in the building or in the street, depending on your home) to the place where you want to install the optical box (the socket to which the box will be connected). And, you will be able to benefit from a Very High Speed Internet.

    When your property is put up for sale at DECORDIER immobilier Evian or Thonon, we carry out a digital performance diagnosis (DPN). We show you and the potential buyers the quality of the internet and mobile network in your area. We display this DPN on all our ads.

    Contact :
    - Evian +33 (0) 4 50 75 15 15 / e-mail : evian@decordier-immobilier.com
    - Thonon +33 (0) 4 50 72 31 95 / e-mail : thonon@decordier-immobilier.com