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Housing Plan 2018: all that will change in real estate

    Housing Plan 2018: all that will change in real estate

    Pinel, PTZ, APL, rental lease ... the 2018 Housing Plan unveiled last September 20th, the government declared its housing plan in the Council of Ministers. Predictably, a number of changes have been announced. De Cordier Immobilier now explains "Housing, mobility, housing" and the consequences of the various measures it contains on real estate, particularly when it comes to homeowners.


    Pinel and PTZ extended but more targeted

    As Emmanuel Macron suggested during the presidential campaign, the Pinel scheme, to the delight of many investors, should be extended for the next four years. However, because its conditions will be revised to target only areas called "strained" in housing.
    Only zones A, A bis and B1 will be eligible for the system put in place by the State to encourage rental investment in properties newly built. The tax advantage shall remain identical to what it is today. Remember that the Pinel scheme can, in the case of the purchase of a new home for rent, allow a purchaser to make a saving of 63,000 euros over a period of 12 years. In addition to zoning, the Pinel scheme imposes tenants resources and fixed rent based on the area in which the dwelling is located.
    The same will apply to the PTZ, which will therefore only be granted to finance the purchase of new real estate located in tense areas. The zero-rate loan can finance up to 40% of the amount of housing, if it is a new housing or bought off-plan (sale in the state of future completion). In addition, resources are imposed on households wishing to buy their principal residence with the help of this zero interest loan.

    What about Pinel and PTZ in Haute-Savoie ?


    Many towns in Haute-Savoie (74) are located in zone B1 and the newly built houses there will therefore remain eligible for the Pinel Act as well as the PTZ. The border at the region attracts more and more French workers and the demand for housing is very important.
    Among these cities in Chablais considered tense areas, Evian-les-Bains, Thonon-les-Bains or Publier, where a number of new real estate programs are already under construction or about to be started . The agency De Cordier Immobilier offers many new homes for purchase in the Chablais region. Do not hesitate to contact us to discover these programs.

    What are the changes on the tenant side ?


    After the announcement of the reduction in the amount of APL - which will be calculated on the current year and not on the past two - the government has announced several measures to help young tenants.
    Shorter leases will be created for students and young workers in training. These "mobility" leases can be signed for short periods ranging from one to ten months. No guarantee will be required by the owners as part of this "mobility lease". It is the guarantee Visale financed by Action Logement, which will indeed take over.
    The government also plans to build 60,000 new housing for students and 20,000 for young workers by the end of the five-year period.

    The impact of the 2018 Housing Plan on new property


    As for real estate construction, it should be further encouraged in the coming years by a major tax exemption offered on the capital gain for sales of empty lots for the construction of new housing.
    This tax deduction, expected over the next three years, could reach 100% in the case of the sale of a lot intended to accommodate social housing. In the case of the construction of free dwellings, the reduction would be 70%. It shall reach 85% for the sale of a lot intended to accommodate intermediate housing.
    Anti-abuse measures should also be put in place to facilitate the start-up of new real estate programs. The government has indeed mentioned sanctions against the procedures considered abusive and affirmed its will to put in place measures to allow to "control the duration of the procedures".