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Building a house: What is an architect for ?

    Building a house: What is an architect for ?

    Two choices can be made when a house is being built: you can choose to call on a builder who will take charge of drawing up the house's plans or an architect. What is its role? Why call on an architect to build your new home?
    Be aware that since July 1,2017, it is obligatory to call upon an architect if the habitable surface of the house exceeds 150m², even if you go through a builder. It is then up to him to choose the architect. Before, we were bound by these rules beyond 170m².
    What are the architect's missions?
    The architect is in charge of the project. He is responsible for drawing up plans in accordance with the needs and expectations of the house owner. He or she is responsible for organizing, supervising and coordinating the work. An architect is subject to rules of professional conduct. It is required to do quality work.
    The advantages of working with an architect are many, starting with the customization possibilities it offers. A builder will propose you standardised models of houses whose interior layout can be adapted to your needs.
    The architect, on the other hand, designs made-to-measure plans based on the expectations of his clients. It ensures that housing is designed in accordance with current building and urban planning standards, particularly in terms of energy efficiency. He receives quotes, selects the companies that will operate on the site and coordinates the work. He/she can also prepare the building permit file for the client.
    Note that it is possible to limit the architect's role to the delivery of plans. It is then up to the owner to manage the building site, the selection of craftsmen and the follow-up of the work.
    Follow-up of the building site by the architect
    Follow-up of the building site is ensured when the architect is entrusted with what is called a "complete mission". This option is more than highly recommended because the follow-up of a construction site of this type is more complex than one could imagine. Calling on a professional who is used to dealing with all the problems related to the construction of a single-family home and dealing with different craftsmen makes it possible to remove many worries.
    The architect monitors the progress of the building site and ensures that the specifications are respected by the companies until the house is received. As the sole contact person for the client, he keeps him informed about the status of the building site and the various deposits to be paid.
    Architect's guarantees and assurances
    The architect must have taken out insurance to cover the acts for which he is liable. This one is covering :

    • Professional commitments,
    • Damage caused to a third party,
    • Disorders and malfeasance for which he may be responsible.
    The subscription of the ten-year guarantee is obligatory for any builder (architect, contractor, project manager...) in order to cover the defects making the construction unfit for its intended purpose for which they may be responsible.
    The damage and work warranty, which pre-finances the repairs of the damage linked to the ten-year warranty, must be taken out by the private client or the builder.
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