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How to choose the builder of your home ?

    How to choose the builder of your home ?

    Calling on a builder to build your future home allows you to benefit from many advantages, starting with peace of mind. The builder is responsible for monitoring the construction site and managing any problems that may arise during construction. It remains to make the right choice to limit the risks of unpleasant surprises. A few tips for choosing the right builder.
    The Union des Maisons Françaises, a guarantee of quality
    One of the first things you have to do to ensure the quality and seriousness of a builder is to check that he is part of the Union des Maisons Françaises (UMF). This organization brings together professionals in individual house building. The latter are selected after careful consideration, particularly with regard to respect for urban and environmental rules, the production of personalised plans adapted to your needs and expectations, and compliance with the latest construction standards.
    The law of 19 December 1990 regulates the contract for the building of a individual house. In particular, this contract sets a final price corresponding to the total cost of construction. A deadline is also defined and penalties are provided for delays in delivery.
    The reputation of the builder
    Check the duration of the property builder's existence, quantity and quality of finished projects.
    Some rewards are a guarantee of quality and professionalism. So don't hesitate to ask for information and why not the contact details of some owners. If the manufacturer is serious, he should not be unwilling to give you some contacts with satisfied customers.
    Insurance and guarantees
    Also consider reviewing the insurance and guarantees of the selected companies. The delivery guarantee, which is mandatory in any contract for the building of an individual house, ensures that the construction will be achieved at the agreed date and price.
    The individual house building contract is a very important contract that guarantees the coverage of possible delays and failures in the building, protecting you from unpleasant surprises linked to the new construction of a house.
    It is possible to choose a contract with plan supply (this one is issued by the builder who proposes different housing models whose layout of the rooms can be adapted) or to prefer to call on an architect to build a more personalized house.
    Check the builder's solvency
    This is also an essential point to check before choosing the builder of your home. There are several sites where you can find out about a company's creditworthiness. Selecting a firm in good financial health means limiting the risks of seeing the site abandoned before completion.
    The geographical proximity of the builder
    Choosing a local house builder is often the assurance of being faced with a professional who has a perfect mastery of the local area's specific building and urban planning requirements. Some communities have strict requirements in this area and it is essential to be aware of them in order to avoid unpleasant surprises that can go hand in hand with the new housing project. A local builder will also generally have more contacts of craftsmen to turn to for the building site.
    Bring competition between builders
    Don't hesitate to compete for the best possible price. Challenge several builders from your area. If it is advisable to choose a house builder whose reputation is beyond doubt, it may also be advisable to avoid the most requested companies and have more limited time to spend on site supervision.
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