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Energy Focus: choose your heating mode

    Energy Focus: choose your heating mode

    Heating is the largest share of household energy expenditure. It is therefore essential to choose your heating method to control your expenses and enjoy optimal comfort. Whether as part of a project to build or renovate your home, you must take into account several criteria, such as the surface area or exposure of your home, to find the solution best suited to your needs.
    Different types of heating 
    - Gas heating
    The first heating system in France, gas is an economical solution that easily adapts to any type of interior thanks to a large choice of equipment (boilers, radiators, heated floors ...).
    Cost *: Natural gas: 0.082 € / kWh (CO2: 229g / kWh). Propane gas: 0.182 € / kWh (CO2: 257g / kWh)

    - Electric heating
    Second energy used to heat homes, electricity is particularly suitable for small spaces. This heating system is easy to install and recent innovations can lower the bill.
    Cost *: 0.15 € / kWh (CO2: 180g / kWh)

    - Oil heating
    Oil is ideal for heating large areas in cold areas. It is also more economical and less polluting than before.
    Cost *: 0.089 € / kWh (CO2: 300g / kWh)

    - Wood heating
    The wood has been back on the scene for several years. This clean and ecological energy adapts more and more to different types of interiors and is no longer just a backup solution. Thanks to the appearance of wood boilers, this heating mode can quite replace a conventional central system.
    Cost *: between 0.037 € / kWh and 0.075 € / kWh (CO2: 0g / kWh)

    - Solar heating
    In addition to the cost of installation, solar energy has the enormous advantage of being free. This system is still dependent on the sunlight you enjoy, and it is recommended to pair it with a complementary heater.

    - Geothermal energy
    Ideal if you have adequate land, this efficient heating system is environmentally friendly and profitable once the installation work is done. It is recommended as part of a construction, but not practical in that of a renovation because requiring heavy work.

    - Heat pumps
    Perfectly suited for renovation and requiring little space, heat pumps are effective in areas with poor winters. Their performance decreases however in case of too low temperatures.
    The cost of installation and subsidies
    You must also consider the installation costs and the profitability you can get from your heating system in the medium and long term. Among the least expensive works, you will find electricity, gas and oil. Solar or wood heating, geothermal and heat pumps that use natural and renewable energies are more profitable, but require a larger initial investment. Note that there are many aids (subsidies, tax credit Energy Transition) that you can benefit depending on your project. To choose your heating, do not hesitate to get advice and support from our teams in your project or to contact our friends at AS Léman.
    * According to an ELYOTHERM study: Argus energies - Price 2017, based on the results of surveys on different data sources (ADEME, DRAAF, SOeS, EDF, ENGIE, FIOULMARKET, PROPELLET, PEGASE).