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  5. The Energy Performance Diagnosis, a must for the sale of a home

The Energy Performance Diagnosis, a must for the sale of a home

    The Energy Performance Diagnosis, a must for the sale of a home

    The Diagnosis of Energy Performance (DPE) is part of the mandatory diagnostics to provide when selling a home. It helps to enhance your property with your future buyers. The problem of energy consumption is at the heart of household concerns, this document is one of the first consulted by buyers. 
    All about DPE
    The DPE informs the future buyer on the energy performance of the housing concerned by an estimate of its energy consumption and its greenhouse gas (GHG) emission rate.

    It must therefore contain the following information:

    - the characteristics of the building and a description of its equipment (heating, water, air ...).
    - the details of the annual energy consumption for each category of equipment (or an estimate), in order to estimate the annual expenditures to be expected.
    - assessment of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions related to annual energy consumption.
    - the evaluation of renewable energy consumption.
    - the classification of the building on the reference scale: its position on the energy label and the climate label must appear clearly in the advertisement for sale.
    - recommendations made by the diagnostician to control energy consumption, particularly on the work to be considered to improve the energy performance of housing, accompanied by an assessment of their cost.

    Thanks to this information, the future buyer can control his budget and avoid unpleasant surprises related to unscheduled work. It also has elements that can help negotiate the selling price depending on the importance of the work to be considered.
    Appoint a professional diagnostician to perform the DPE
    Since November 1, 2007, the law requires the seller to call a professional and certified diagnostician. Once established, the DPE is valid for 10 years.

    As part of your project, the teams of De Cordier Immobilier accompany you and take care for you to carry out the mandatory diagnoses by an authorized diagnostician.

    The DPE is part of the mandatory documents to be provided by the seller for any transaction.

    The complete file, the DDT, must contain:
    - the energy performance diagnosis
    - the risk of exposure to lead
    - asbestos
    - the state relating to the presence of termites
    - the condition of the indoor gas installation
    - the state of the internal electricity installation
    - the state of the non-collective sewerage system
    - the state of the "risk" and soil information easements
    - the Merule diagnosis
    - the “Loi Carrez”
    - the Radon diagnosis (since 1st July 2017).

    These diagnoses help to reassure the buyer and guarantee a transaction in the best conditions for the different parties. You can also carry out additional diagnostics to strengthen your file and put your well in the market.
    To go further in the development of your property
    There are other diagnostics that will strengthen your sales proposition. If they are not mandatory, they are more and more requested by future buyers.

    - The acoustic diagnosis that allows you to check the sound levels in your home, for external noise, as interior to your home. 

    - The diagnosis of indoor air quality. 

    To support you in these various steps, the teams of De Cordier Immobilier are at your disposal!