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The Flottins’ fabulous village

    The Flottins’ fabulous village

    A local legend brought up to date for the happiness of young and old alike

    Each region has its own Christmas legend, its own tale. In Evian, believe it or not, a small lake people once saved Santa from drowning ! These little magical beings, called the Flottins, come every year to settle on the shores of Lake Geneva to shelter from the bad weather that caused them to drift as far as the town of Evian.
    Every year, the streets of the city welcome with joy these little Flottins and their floated wooden sculptures representing wonderful and legendary creatures. It is also said that Santa himself always comes to visit his little friends before leaving on his annual tour. If you're lucky, you might meet him this year !
    This event, organized since 2007 by the city of Evian, enchants young and old. You can visit this fabulous Flottins’ village, where everything is magic, enchantment, light, music and conviviality ! An event not to be missed under any circumstances !

    A unifying project in the image of the city of Evian-les-Bains

    This project brings together many local stakeholders each year, all delighted to participate. Proof of the dynamism of the city, everyone contributes to the success of the festival: schools, associations, shopkeepers, city services, specialized speakers... Each brings his touch to make the Flottins’ fabulous village revive. 
    On your agenda: this year, this festival will take place from December 14th, 2018 to January, 6th 2019.
    To make these three weeks an unforgettable moment, the city of Evian calls on storytellers, entertainers, musicians... for a magical and unique atmosphere.

    The Flottins’ fabulous village in a few figures

    • More than 150 tons of driftwood for sculptures and installations;
    • More than 500 driftwood sculptures spread all over the city;
    • 22 storytellers, actors and sculptors present ;
    • 4 highlights (opening of the village, arrival, then departure of Santa Claus, departure of the Flottins and closing of the village);
    • More than 120,000 visitors expected ;
    • 2 superb exhibitions. *
    Sources: official website of the event.

    With the Flottins’ fabulous village, the town of Evian-les-Bains wanted to put Christmas magic back in the foreground.  Everyone will tell you it's a successful bet !