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The waters of Evian

    The waters of Evian

    The spring water that springs up in the Evian-les-Bains region has always been exploited by the inhabitants of the region. However, it was not until the very beginning of the 19th century that its therapeutic and curative virtues were finally discovered.

    The virtues of Evian waters: an accidental discovery

    Like some of the great discoveries, that of the healing qualities of Evian waters was accidental. It took place just after the French Revolution, in the garden of a rich inhabitant of the city, Gabriel Cachat, who had a fountain built there from which the famous water sprang. One of Gabriel's friends, the aristocrat from Auvergne and a renowned scientist, Jean Charles de Laizer, came to Evian to find refuge in order to avoid the troubles that were still stirring in France at that time. He quickly got into the habit of drinking from the fountain every day. After some time, he realized that his health problems (kidney stones) had disappeared. He then analyzed the water from the fountain and recommended it as a treatment for kidney and bladder diseases.
    The notoriety and success of Evian waters grew throughout the 19th century, becoming table water marketed around 1860. It is finally in 1878 that the National Academy of Medicine officially recognized the beneficial effects for the health of the waters of Evian. The source of Cachat, from which Jean Charles de Laizer drank daily, still exists and is the most famous in Evian.

    Thermalism in Evian

    Evian waters are renowned for their purity because they are not very mineralized. They therefore promote renal work and are an excellent diuretic. As part of a cure, they are used in external and internal hydrotherapy care. They are particularly recommended to treat rheumatological problems, urinary and/or digestive disorders and metabolic diseases.
    The waters of Evian are also very appreciated for relaxation and well-being sessions.
    The first thermal establishment opened its doors in 1924, in the current Palais Lumière of Evian-les-Bains, and was quickly very appreciated by all the European bourgeoisie. Today, you can still benefit from more than 100 years of expertise in the various establishments of the city.