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Evian tourism

    Evian tourism

    Evian-les-Bains is a city of water and tourism on the shores of Lake Geneva, perfectly described by Evian Tourisme. Located in Haute-Savoie, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, it is known as a spa town for its mineral water from Evian. Internationally renowned for its spring water, Evian is THE wellness destination to go. Evian-les-Bains offers you a multitude of activities ranging from wellness to water sports and culture. Here are some of the most appreciated:

    The Cachat source 
    The first discovery of Evian water was made in 1790 by the Marquis de Lessert, a thirsty Auvergne man who drank the water from Monsieur Cachat's fountain. The Marquis drank regularly and noticed that his ailments were beginning to diminish. Mr. Cachat then began to sell his water and the first "Bains d'Evian" were born around 1824. In 1826, the King of Sardinia authorized the bottling of Evian water. In 1829, the Evian mineral water company was founded, followed by the construction of the thermal baths, the casino, luxury hotels such as the Hôtel Royal, the funicular and the theatre. To date, these various sites, which are important for the local economy, are managed by Danone Group.

    The Palace of Light
    This historic monument of the city of Evian dating from 1902 is then a hydrotherapy institute, where care was once administered during the summer season. The Palais Lumière was renovated between 2004 and 2006 and now houses exhibition rooms, a media library and a conference centre.

    The Evian-les-Bains funicular railway
    The electric traction funicular without rack was built between 1907 and 1913 for passenger transport. Nicknamed "the small Evian metro", it transported people taking the waters to the refreshments, the current "Palais Lumière" and the large hotels in the heights of Evian. Equipped with 6 stations, the funicular is classified as an Historic Monument, it was restored at the end of the 20th century, it was back on track in 2002. 

    The legendary boat "La Savoie"
    "La Savoie" is a replica of a latin sailing boat, it was built in Thonon from 1997 to 2000 on the initiative of the voluntary association "Mémoire du Léman". Every summer, it is possible to sail on Lake Geneva. The original boat was built for the Péray family of boatmen from Meillerie. This type of boat was used until the Second World War to transport materials and especially the famous stones from the quarries of Meillerie.

    The Water Gardens of Pré Curieux
    Accessible only by boat, this remarkable garden takes you on a journey of discovery of the various ecosystems linked to water. The solar boat takes you to this guided exhibition from May to September.

    The flowered quays
    A course of nearly 2 km welcomes you on the quays for educational walks. Bollards along the circuit will inform you of the diversity of the fauna and flora of Lake Geneva as well as the geography of Lake Geneva.

    Evian Golf Club
    Open from March to November, the 18-hole Golf d'Evian course will charm you with its diversity of obstacles, water points and numerous bunkers. It has been completely renovated to offer you a unique experience. It hosts the only major tournament in continental Europe: The Evian Championship.

    La Grange au Lac
    Located in the town of Neuvecelle, this auditorium, designed by cellist Msitislav Rostropovitch and Danone's Chairman and CEO Antoine Riboud, can accommodate up to 1,200 spectators and 200 musicians. The Grange au Lac is entirely built of wood, which makes its acoustics perfect. Throughout the year, concerts are held for music lovers, ranging from classical music to jazz and more contemporary performances.

    Gastronomy in Evian
    Evian is full of regional specialities such as the must-see perch filets where you can enjoy the lake. There is a wide choice of restaurants in Evian with, on the menu, Savoyard, Italian, Oriental, Asian and French specialities. The diversity of Evian-les-Bains restaurants will provide you with a varied taste experience. 
    The restaurant Le Muratore has received the Bib Gourmand 2019 award from the Michelin Guide.

    Evian Casino
    The Evian casino replaced the castle of the Barons of Blonay destroyed in 1911, which already housed a municipal casino. Currently, you will enjoy its exceptional location facing Lake Geneva. You can try your luck on its 250 slot machines or board games. Performances are regularly held in its concert halls. You will also find several restaurants, bar and pubs. The Evian casino welcomes you every day from 10:00 am.

    The Evian-les-Bains tourist office "Evian tourisme" also distributes on its website the shops but also the real estate agency DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER.