Publier, two faces for a single town.
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Real estate in Publier, a dynamism that cannot go unnoticed!

Publier, a name that can be surprising for a town when you see it for the first time! If its origin has been lost in the thousands of legends of Chablais, the charm of the town does not go unnoticed b

Publier, two faces for a single town.

Publier is in truth the unique alliance of two villages, two perspectives on the area that provides to the town an identity both strong and atypical:
- On the height, the chief place Publier is set on a plateau that dominates Lake Geneva: myriads of small villages where nature rules, this plateau offers a breathtaking view on Lake Geneva and Switzerland that is very close.
- Downhill, by the lakeshores, the resort of Amphion-les-Bains distinguish itself with its economical dynamism, especially with the Genevrilles activity area.

On the West of the village, the Dranse delta expresses the whole beauty of the wilderness of the district: you can find there a wildlife park of some 53 hectares which hosts more than 800 plant species, which represents more than a third of all the plant species that can be found in Haute-Savoie. A record!

Living in Publier

Life in Publier is good, especially for families ! With 3 school groups (kindergarten and primary school), the proximity of the secondary schools of Evian, Saint-Paul and Thonon, the town provides a large choice concerning education. Publier also proposes a large range of activities according to the children's ages (leisure centre, video or theatre workshops, etc) and a particularity : l'Ecole Municipal des Sports (Municipal School for Sports). It allows the children going to school in Publier to be introduced to numerous sports as a complement to the sports classes they have already at school.

The associative network is locally dense and diversified: music, dance, creative leisures, cars, sport, card games. Every one can find something according to its tastes.

La Cité de l'Eau is one of the major place of the town: it gathers a sports centre and a water-sports centre at the top of technology with slides, whirlpool baths, a diving pool and a wave pool.

Real estate in Publier

Small condominiums, villas, duplex, Publier proposes a vast range of real estate properties, in new programs as much as in old ones. Whether you look for a property with a view on Lake Geneva, a flat, or a land to build your own house, or a house with a garden, our real estate office can guide you in your project.

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone ( +33 4 50 75 15 15) or visit us at 31 rue Nationale in the very centre of Evian-les-Bains!

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