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Allinges township

Being a town of Haute-Savoie district, Allinges is more precisely located in Chablais Savoyard, close to Lake Geneva and Thonon-les-Bains. This geographic location gives it a dominant role within the

A local inheritance that is both rich and diversified

The town of Allinges not only benefits from a situation with numerous possibilities, but also from an inheritance that is both rich and diversified. A certain number of places and monuments can be visited all over the year like the church Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption, the ruins of Château-Vieux as well as Château-Neuf and its Romanesque chapel with its 11th century fresco. The festivities are also plentiful like the annual edition of the Cheese fair.

A strong development through the years

The factors evoked previously have thus contributed to the development of the town through the years. As a proof of it, these last twenty years, the population has grown by at least one third, raising up to 4300 inhabitants. In order to face this growing frequentation, the town of Allinges has now a kindergarten as well as a primary school; those gather about 400 pupils every year.

Modern infrastructures to welcome the numerous tourists.

The town of Allinges is clearly part of the strongholds of Haute-Savoie in terms of tourism. The town has progressively made efforts to increase its capacity to host within the station to reach 2 728 structures, who all are following very strict norms, for the pleasure of the tourists.

Your real estate project in Allinges.

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