The village of Bernex
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Bernex, a village down Mont Bénand and Dent d’Oche.

The village of Bernex benefits from an exceptional geographical location. It has managed to merge into its natural environment. The mountain and the greenery of the surrounding parks keep on attraction.

The village of Bernex

Bernex, village from Haute-Savoie, is located in Pays de Gavot, in French Chablais. It is situated South-East from Evian-les-Bains, one of the most dynamic town of the area, and from Switzerland. If the climate is rather one from the mountain, it is pretty customary to enjoy nicer temperatures once summer is here. Bernex is mainly known for offering a restful living environment in an area that displays a vast diversity of landscapes

Its proximity with Mont Bénand and Dent d’Oche

Some of the jewels of the village are right nearby with Mont Bénand and Dent d’Oche. Bernex is at their very feet, which enables its inhabitants to enjoy a gorgeous landscape in both summer and winter. The nearby Alps allow, during the winter period, to practice one’s favourite winter sports. In summer, hikers will enjoy themselves too.

An attractive village for many reasons

As you have most likely figured out, basing one’s real estate project in Bernex represents the right balance between a lively village and surroundings that are both relaxing and attractive. Winter sports’ lovers as well as any kind of hiker will find something according to their tastes. As a proof, Bernex saw its population growing by some 50% since 1999. Investing in real estate in Bernex then represents a unique occasion to immerse yourself into a culturally rich area as well as a vast and various nature.

Do you have a real estate project in Bernex ?

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Some properties of this city

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