Féternes, at the core of one of the most dynamic regions in France.
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The village of Féternes

The village of Féternes is located at the North of Haute-Savoie district, at some kilometres away from Thonon-les-Bains and Evian. Lake Geneva is is at but 10 kms. The village is part of Evian-les-Bai

Féternes, at the core of one of the most dynamic regions in France.

Is it really necessary to introduce you to Haute-Savoie? Its mountains, its ski tracks, its living environment, its warmth summer eves, its tourism … All is gathered to make you enjoy a region that is as beautiful as it is dynamic, all the year round. As explained above, Féternes is very close to the cities of the area, with a lively economic activity and very attractive for anyone wishing to settle down here. The village of Féternes enables thus to have those advantages while living in a township that is both restful and with an ideal living environment.

An incredibly rich religious inheritance

He religious inheritance is one of the keystone of Féternes. The Church of Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption is visited by numerous persons all over the year. The chapel of Châteauvieux is also very much appreciated. Finally, Champeillant, with is both a chapel and a vista, enables thanks to its orientation table to be guided in the sightseeing of the various mountains chains, Mont Blanc or Lake Geneva!

Cultural life in Féternes : numerous events are organised

The village of Féternes has numerous events organised during the year to keep some dynamism in the village’s life as well as its activity. The most federating event? The village’s party that occurs each Saturday following August 15th!

Why should you choose DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER for your real estate project in Féternes ?

Haute-Savoie proposes numerous real estate properties for sale so that you are very likely to find something meeting your expectations. In order to go ahead, it is but normal that you wish to get the advice and mastership of a reliable partner who is an expert in all the particularities of the real estate market of the area. De Cordier is definitely is the office that is the more adapted if your project regarding real estate leads you in Féternes. We can guide you in your search and buy out, in the best possible conditions, of the house of your dreams!

Some properties of this city

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