The town of Lugrin
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Lugrin, a Haute-Savoyarde town going through a real estate development

Haute-Savoie undergoes a real development regarding its economy and its real estate market. Numerous towns benefits from this attractiveness in order to development themselves. It is the very case for

The town of Lugrin

Lugrin, located in Haute-Savoie department, is close to Evian-les-Bains as it is at some 6 kms. Its geographic location makes it a town very attractive that deserves to be more known. The Swiss border is but some kilometres away and Lake Geneva is right along the town. A living environment that mixes nature and quietness for the 3 400 inhabitants of Lugrin!

A great cultural richness

Sign of a dynamism born within its limits, the town of Lugrin gathers several companies and associations that work in the cultural domain and thus represents numerous sections (mucis, sports…). The activities are thus numerous and diversified in Lugrin!

A town that goes through a real estate explosion

Thanks to its geographic position and the beauty of the area, Lugrin has seen a linear growth of its population since the early 1980s. To meet the expectations and demands, the town has then gone through a real estate development that has enabled lots of families to settle down.

The townhall makes massive investments

As a proof of the attention given to the inhabitants, the townhall invests large amounts and means to maintain a certain level of well-being in Lugrin. In order to reply to the attractiveness of the town, the town council has decided to invest massively in the improvement of its infrastructures. In the schools, the rise of the population led to an increasing number of pupils. The operation stage of the creation of a brand new 1000 sqm school building has just been launched as well as the rehabilitation of the actual school. The town invests also in the development of public spaces and the renovation of the networks of the whole district.

Do you have a real estate investment in Lugrin?

If you are particularly attracted by Haute-Savoie and its revigorating landscapes, investing in a real estate property in Lugrin can represent a good opportunity. The town, located in a very economically dynamic area, allows you to find the real estate property you've always dreamt of. Whether you prefer to buy a flat, or a house or a land, or a rental investment, De Cordier Immobilier accompanies you in your search and proposes you the best that can be found on the market.

Some properties of this city