The village of Saint-Gingolph
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The town of Saint-Gingolph

Famous for being one of those village straddling two countries, Saint-Gingolph in located in both France and Switzerland. More than a geographic particularity, the position of the township enables the

The village of Saint-Gingolph

Saint-Gingolph is a village from Haute-Savoie located on the Southeast shore of Lake Geneva in massif of Chablais. Its height varies greatly according to where you are, as the township goes from 372 m high up to 1 528m high, which enables you to discover incredible panoramic views of Lake Geneva and the surrounding mountain chains. The main French town nearby is Evian-les-Bains located at some 17 kilometres eastward.

A township straddling France and Switzerland

If you give a close look at a map of the region, you will easily see that the village looks like a dot right on the frontier between Swiss and France. Does this particularity surprise you? It only means that Saint-Gingolph is partly Swiss and partly French. The division is materialised thanks to Morge River that cuts through the township to reach Lake Geneva. The frontier can be passed by simply walking through a bridge after which the customs are located. This provides a very exceptional situation to the village as it has a privileged access to Switzerland and to Geneva that is only 62 kilometres away.

A rich architectural inheritance

The architectural inheritance of the village is clearly part of what contributes to its charm. If the township does not have places that qualify as historical monuments, it has though marvellous remnants in one unique place: inside the parish church. You can thus see there two 18th century bronze bell and a painting from the 19th century representing Saint Gingolph. That is a good idea for a visit if you wish to have a good hint at the richness of the village’s history!

Your real estate project in Saint-Gingolph

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Some properties of this city

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