All about building permit

For new construction on bare ground, you must apply for a building permit. This is Cerfa No. 13406 * 06 (for single-family house). This approach aims to ensure that your project complies with the urban planning rules in force in your area. You must detail your construction project and provide all the supporting documents and documents that are requested. To help you in your steps, De Cordier Immobilier presents the different...

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Non-mandatory real estate diagnoses by DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER Evian

Non-mandatory real estate diagnoses in technical diagnoses file (DDT)

You want to sell or buy an apartment or a house and you already have in your hands the complete technical diagnoses file ? Do not hesitate to have additional diagnoses made to complete your file !

Non-mandatory, but rewarding real estate diagnoses

In addition to the mandatory diagnoses, you can have additional diagnoses made to enhance the housing and provide additional...

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The technical diagnoses by DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER Evian

The technical diagnoses file (DDT)

You want to sell or buy an apartment or a house ? The technical diagnostics file, which gives a picture of the state of the house, is there to help you make your transaction in good conditions !

The technical diagnoses file : a detailed portrait of your home

During any real estate transaction, the seller must provide all the documents requested in the DDT. These allow both...

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Focus on Thonon-les-bains by DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER Evian

Focus on Thonon-les-Bains, a city where life is good

Do you have a real estate project in the Lake Geneva area ? The city of Thonon-les-Bains will seduce you with its setting worthy of a postcard with timeless charm.

Thonon-les-Bains: a dynamic and trendy city

Between lake and mountain, the city of Thonon-les-Bains will surprise you with its simplicity and dynamism.
The baths are not the only advantage of the city of Thonon....

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Working in Switzerland and living in France by DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER Evian

Working in Switzerland and living in France, what are the benefits ?

Switzerland is a country with attractive economic dynamism, and the fame of big cities like Lausanne or Geneva is well established. Salaries are higher and attract more and more French employees. Many, however, make the choice to stay in France.

The benefits of cross-border status

Thanks to existing agreements between Switzerland and the European Union, the French working in...

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The Energy Performance Diagnosis DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER Evian

The Energy Performance Diagnosis, a must for the sale of a home

The Diagnosis of Energy Performance (DPE) is part of the mandatory diagnostics to provide when selling a home. It helps to enhance your property with your future buyers. The problem of energy consumption is at the heart of household concerns, this document is one of the first consulted by buyers. 
All about DPE
The DPE informs the future buyer on the energy...

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Choose your building plot DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER Evian

How to choose your building plot ?

Do you have plans to build the house of your dreams ? The first step is of course the choice of terrain. Here are some tips to choose your property and avoid unpleasant surprises.
Know the terrain 
You have spotted the ideal terrain ? To ensure that your construction project is feasible, several documents will allow you to know the status and status of your land. You can...

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Buying in the new DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER Evian

The advantages of buying in the new

Buying in the new has many benefits that you do not necessarily think about when you think about your proposed purchase.
Optimal living comfort
By choosing a purchase on plan under a new real estate program (Sale in the Future State of Completion or VEFA), you are sure to purchase an apartment or a house meeting the latest technical and environmental standards....

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