Where to buy a second home in the Chablais ?

A second home in the Chablais ? Yes but in which city ?

You fell in love with Haute-Savoie and you dream of being able to spend your vacations in this beautiful region? What if you buy a second home in Chablais ? A villa in Evian-les-Bains, a chalet in the mountains or an apartment in Thonon-les-Bains : whatever your desires and your budget, the property you are looking for exists! We will need...

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Real Estate Evian Les Bains

Housing Plan 2018: all that will change in real estate

Pinel, PTZ, APL, rental lease ... the 2018 Housing Plan unveiled last September 20th, the government declared its housing plan in the Council of Ministers. Predictably, a number of changes have been announced. De Cordier Immobilier now explains "Housing, mobility, housing" and the consequences of the various measures it contains on real estate, particularly when it comes to homeowners.




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The IFI: an update on this tax on real estate wealth wanted by Macron

During his campaign, Emmanuel Macron had announced his desire, not to completely remove the ISF (solidarity tax on wealth), but to turn it into a tax on real estate rental profit. The idea? Create a property wealth tax (IFI). A will confirmed by the government, which intends to integrate this new tax into the 2018 budget bill.
What is it and who will be liable for this new tax? De Cordier Immobilier explains it:

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Buying in the Chablais in September, a good idea ? | From Cordier Immobilier

Buying in the Chablais in September, a good idea ?

When school starts end of summer, is it the right time to buy in the Chablais ?
Is there a better time than others to buy real estate, either primary or secondary residence ? Is it wise to look for an apartment or a house for sale in Chablais in this period of time ? De Cordier Immobilier explains in details the seasonality of real estate.
It is traditionally between...

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Working in Switzerland while living in France | Real estate DE CORDIER

Working in Switzerland: all that the cross-border workers must know

Finances, real estate, service to companies, hotels, restaurants, construction, sales, big or small companies: numerous economic sectors hire in Switzerland. The situation on the Swiss work market attracts lots of French people who desire to become cross-border workers. Yet that is not the sole advantage that these persons who while living in France decide to work in Switzerland are seeking.


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Selling with real estate Evian / Thonon

Selling a house or an apartment: what are the key steps ?

Selling a real estate property goes through a succession of key steps to be conscientiously followed to make sure the transaction runs smoothly. While it is not really an obstacle course, administrative formalities are quite long and numerous. In order to complete your sale in the best conditions, let DE CORDIER IMMOBILIER introduce you to the main steps :

• First step is the valuation of the real estate...

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Real estate agent Evian

Hire the services of an expert in real estate in department 74

Lots of people dream of having a place to drop by in the mountain or near the water. The real estate market in department 74 goes well and presents quite a vast listing of potential properties: chalets, houses, flats, studios, villas… Most often, because of the characteristics and the diversity of the area, it is strongly advised to contact a local expert when it concerns real estate investments.


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Non-exclusive or exclusive seller representation agreement: which one to choose ?

Selling a real estate property: which seller representation agreement to choose?

Exclusive or non-exclusive seller representation agreement? That is the question or rather one of them that arise when you set for sale a real estate property. Despite the success of websites proposing ads for sales made by the owners themselves, the real estate agencies are still entrusted the majority of the sales.
Most of the real estate agencies encourage their clients to opt for exclusivity to sell their property....

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