Larringes, pleasant village close to Evian-les-Bains
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Your real estate project in Larringes, in between green areas and mountains

If your real estate project leads you towards a potential transaction in Haute-Savoie, the charming town of Larringes, close to Evian-les-Bains, represents the perfect place to enjoy the calm and beau

Larringes, pleasant village close to Evian-les-Bains

Larringes is a little town at some 4 kilometres South of Evian-les-Bains in Haute-Savoie. It is located above the shores of Lake Geneva, in Chablais. The major cities close by are Annecy ( 86 km) and Geneva in Switzerland (49 km). The village of Larringes enables you to live in a natural and restful living environment right within a dynamic area. You can also enjoy the advantages of a city with the vicinity of Evian.

Numerous green areas

The town of Larringes benefits from a unique natural heritage. It is doted with lots of green areas thanks to its surrounding forest of resinous trees and beeches spread on many hectares. This place is a gift for hikers and sportsmen – regardless of their levels- for whom a fitness trail has been created. The mushrooms lovers will also find their own enjoyment considering the numerous varieties that can be found in the forest.

An unmatchable view

If Larringes is famous, it is also thanks to the unmatchable view it proposes any time of the day. Investing in a real estate property there, it is also a guarantee to have an original sight of the Bern Alps at Fort l'Ecluse and of Monts du Jura as well as Mont Blanc. The view range up to 100 kilometres around ! This magnificent panorama contributes thus nowadays to the beauty of the village!

Heritage and culture in Larringes

The heritage of the town of Larringes is not to be left aside either. The castle of Larringes, built in the 10th century, is one of the prides of the village. Likewise is the Pierre Gauloise, famous for the circular hollows it has, set up by the pre-historical men. The town also has a church, built between 1814 and 1825, dedicated to Saint Maurice. Larringes, more than a pleasant living environment, is also a village charged with history which only waits for you to visit it.

A real estate project in Larringes?

If your real estate project leads you to Larringes, De Cordier Immobilier office helps you to find the property of your dreams, in a village opened to everyone, where life is pleasant. We will guide you in the buy of a house, a flat or a land. Our acute knowledge and mastership of the local market will enable us to propose you the best possible deals on the real estate market in Larringes.

Some properties of this city