Marin, village from Haute-Savoie
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The village of Marin

Marin, village from Haute-Savoie, is now a village of its own. This has not always been the case as the prefectorial order dating back to September the 29th 1972 made it a township depending from Thon

An historical monument at the core of the village

Although it is a property Publier, Marin hosts the chapel Saint-Etienne de Marin. Peculiar fact is that this construction, dating back to the 12th century, is part of the historical monuments of the area since June the 5th 1941. This one is situated in Mas des Vignes de la Chapelle, which is now a private property, located in a lieu-dit named Les Vignes de la Chapelle. The chapel Saint-Etienne de Marin is part of the ruins that are the pride of the township and numerous tourists regularly come there to contemplate it and take pictures so as to keep a memory from this construction that as its own importance.

The importance of the vineyard

The real amateurs of wine will appreciate more particularly the village of Marin for the numerous vineyards it offers. The most important and symbolic ones are more likely the ones surrounding the Lake Geneva and the ones surrounding the Dranse River. You can thus find there an excellent white wine reknown amidst the winemakers and that is the pride of the township: Le Marin. It is part of Vignoble de Savoie, a real local inheritance.

Areal life quality

Marin is a village of a rather small size, so it seems more remote than the other neighbouring township that are larger. This tranquillity and this restful natural living environment attract a great number of people who are eager to find their home in this peaceful haven. Although it is small, the township has numerous commodities and shops of all kinds open in the village that often put forward the local products, like the wine.

Your real estate project leads you to Marin?

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Some properties of this city

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