Environment, a question at the centre of Saint-Paul-en-Chablais' concerns
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The village of Saint-Paul-en-Chablais

The sympathetic little town of Saint-Paul-en-Chablais is located in the North of French Alps. It benefits from a superb geographic location and proposes thus to its inhabitants a vast diversity of land.

A dynamic urban area

Sign of its dynamism, Saint-Paul-en-Chablais is part of the urban area of Evian-les-Bains. The town is at some 3,4 km from Evian-les-Bains and 11 kilometres from Thonon-les-Bains. It is thus fairly easy to join both these towns of average size. The roads and highways networks linked to the town attest this situation. Saint-Paul-en-Chablais is linked to national roads both French and Swiss thanks to departmental roads. It is clear that many people choose to live in Saint-Paul-en-Chablais for both its living environment and the proximity of larger towns providing jobs. Numbers confirm this tendency as the population has undergone a growth of 25% since 1999. Contrary to other villages of that size, the population is mainly young and dynamic (people between 30 et 44 constitute the majority of the inhabitants).

Environment, a question at the centre of Saint-Paul-en-Chablais' concerns.

Saint-Paul-en-Chablais benefits from a natural and exceptional heritage it attempts to preserve for many years now.Some 80 wet zones, like swamps and bogs, are now considered as protected so as to not disturb the richness of the natural habitats and species of the area as well as the biological diversity. So, Saint-Paul-en-Chablais, with the rest of the Communauté de Communes du Pays d'Evian, insures the treatment of used water and selective sorting of rubbish is applied since 2006. The proof comes also from the creation of new stations to treat the used water and the extension of the sanitation networks. Choosing Saint-Paul-en-Chablais means choosing a really sane living environment!

Numerous cultural events and celebrations

The development of cultural events and celebrations is in proportion to the ones of the town. The town council tries, through all this, to put forward the local heritage. You can thus discover the Spring Fair every year in May. The period between june and september is a very active one with the opening of a summer market where you can find numerous local products coming from local farms, which is also very rich and various. Concerning the Apple Fair, it is held every year in Autumn.

Come enjoy a real quality of life in Saint-Paul-en-Chablais

The village of Saint-Paul-en-Chablais is known for the real quality of life it has. The surrounding nature allows to benefits fully from the village and its vicinity. The town council has then arranged places to allow the inhabitants and tourists to practice numerous activities, like the marais du Maravant, which is perfect for a stroll with the family or friends. Thus, De Cordier Immobilier advises you and helps you in your search if your real estate project leads you to the village of Saint-Paul-en-Chablais. Our acute knowledge of the local market will make us show you the most appropriate property available. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Some properties of this city