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Obligatory real estate diagnostics – Evian-les-Bains

    Obligatory real estate diagnostics – Evian-les-Bains

    Focus on asbestos and lead diagnostics

    The asbestos diagnosis is one of the mandatory real estate diagnostics to be done before the sale or rental of a property.
    As for the "DPE", an asbestos diagnostics must be established for all houses built before July 1st 1997 building permit as proof. This diagnosis must be carried out by a certified professional and must appear in the full report ("DDT").

    If asbestos is present in an apartment, a professional premises or a house, this must be indicated on the asbestos diagnosis report. For the common parts a "DTA" (technical file asbestos) must be carried out. These reports are valid for 3 years. Owners are obliged to monitor the deterioration. Otherwise, if no substance is found, the report is valid for life.

    At the time, this fibrous mineral was used in building materials for insulation, inexpensive and fire resistant. Despite an identification at the beginning of the 20th century, its use has been prohibited since July 1 1997, in France and in 2005 in Europe.
    All dwellings that deteriorate over time can release invisible dust particles but, when inhaled, can cause cancer.

    In order to complete the technical real estate diagnosis ("DDT" Technical Diagnostic File), the lead diagnostics is also mandatory in order to rent or sell your property. This diagnostics concerns all housing built before July 1st 1949, the building permit being authentic. This "CREP" (lead exposure risk report) must be carried out by a diagnostician. If the result shows the presence of lead, the validity period is 1 year and if it is accessible as in the degraded paintings, the owner must carry out renovation works to remove this material. If the dwelling is rented, the tenants must be informed of the situation. However, the owner is not obliged to renovate the property before putting it up for sale, the buyers must simply be informed and receive the “CREP” (lead exposure risk report).

    We remind you that before each sale or rental of your property, a complete and updated “DDT” must be established:

    - the diagnosis of energy performance
    - the report of risk of exposure to lead
    - the asbestos diagnosis
    - the state of the interior gas installation
    - the state of the internal electricity installation
    - the state of the non-collective sanitation installation
    - the state of the risks and information on the grounds
    - the diagnosis of the Carrez law
    - Radon diagnosis (since July 1st 2017)
    -in certain regions: - the Merule diagnosis and the Termites diagnosis

    DECORDIER immobilier Evian and Thonon accompany you in your real estate project and manage for you the realisation of these mandatory diagnoses.

    Make a free estimate in a few clicks or contact us:
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