The town of Margencel
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The town of Margencel

Should you gave a real estate project in Margencel, we propose you to discover this gorgeous town full of charm and whose dynamism concerns each and everyone.

The town of Margencel

Charming and welcoming. It is most likely what will come to your mind if you discover for the first time this town from Haute-Savoie. Margencel, who is part of the Grand Geneva area, counts 2029 inhabitants since 2015, turning it into a real town. Within twenty years, this town, that was before then a mere village, has seen its population almost double. Nowadays, a real sense of well-being exists in Margencel who has become it a privileged place for newcomers. It proximity with Thonon-les-Bains and, though in a smaller measure, Geneva, making it a sought-after location because of its restful environment and the vicinity of two cities highly attractive professionally wise.

A dynamic town

The local government agencies became really conscious that Margencel was at a crossroad regarding its history from the years 2000 onward. The town attracts a growing number of inhabitants and manages to meet their expectations by constantly developing its infrastructures and its cultural offer. Thus, education and new technologies enable the town to locally stand out. Kindergarten, primary and high schools have progressively modernise themselves with high standard infrastructures. Another proof of its dynamism is that the town has been rewarded for its internet policies with the label “Ville internet” (Internet town).

Numerous green spaces.

The town of Margencel benefits from numerous green spaces thanks to its parks, very well kept and that offer a simple way for the inhabitants to relax, while staying around, even during the warmest summer days. Thus, the town has obtained the level “one flower” at the flowered towns and villages contest.

Your real estate project in Margencel

All these assets very clearly make Margencel a town opened to everyone and always more welcoming. If your real estate project leads you there, our office De Cordier immobilier can help you either to buy a house, a land, a flat or to make a rental investment. We will propose you the best deals of the market as well as all the local opportunities. Our team waits for you impatiently.

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